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Captain Glenn on the Craziest Spot Crew Member Hook Up, Captain Lee Gush on Having RHOA Stars on Board


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three captains from below deck give their opinion on franchise crew hookups, and Captain Glen Shepherd addresses Dani Soares‘Pregnancy. Without this, Captain Lee Rosbach find out how it was real housewives of atlanta Stars on board in season three.

Captain Lee, below deck mediterraneanof captain sandy yawn, and below deck sailing yachtCaptain Glenn recently sat down for an interview with an executive producer to discuss his experiences on their respective shows. And as one would expect, they were asked to explain how they handle boat and crew hookups, which seem to be all-weather.

“If you hit them too hard it’ll go underground and they’re gonna hide it from you, you know,” said Captain Glenn good tv Interview. “So, nature is going to do its job. My philosophy is that as long as they’re doing their job correctly, I’ll let them loose a little, especially when they can’t get off the boat.” [season two]. you know, maybe they pushed it over the edge, But I do not know. It’s not my place, I think that’s how people spend their free time when they’re not working [or] When they are not on the clock, within certain limits.”

Captain Sandy agreed, but took it a step further, claiming don’t care what the crew does Below deck as long as they are still able to do their job.

“As long as it doesn’t come on deck and it stays below deck, I don’t care if they all hook up and they there is an orgy Down,” she quipped. “I don’t care as long as they work their way up the deck.”

As for Captain Lee—who worked with his wife of 44 years on Charter when she was their chief stew—he explained that hookups are nearly impossible to prevent. However, once a navigator goes wrong and it begins to affect maneuverability on the boat, he is always ready to set the crew members straight.

“As far as I’m concerned, this is something you’re never going to stop,” he declared. “You can sit there and make the rules” [until] Hell freezes, but people are gonna do what they’re going to do, and they’re gonna find a way to do it. So you try to control it or try to keep it – not in check – but you try to keep it to a point where it won’t affect the performance of the rest of the crew and how the rest of the boat works and how it works. “

He continued, “Once it rolls into that area, you’ve crossed the border, and then you and I are going to come to the Jesus meeting.”

The captains then shared the strangest place they had ever caught hooking boats, and although Captain Lee said he had once caught crew members hooking up to a “bad” bosun’s locker, Glenn had an even more crazy experience.

“A deckhand brought a woman back onto the boat—she wasn’t the crew—and they couldn’t get into a cabin, but they wanted to spend some time alone, so they both climbed into the boom,” he shared. “And the buoyancy on this boat is huge, and they got on the boom and all they did, and then when it was time for them to get down, she couldn’t get down! So she had to go in and get a harness and A couple of deck crew had to be woken up to bring him down.”

He hilariously added, “Talk about a walk of shame. [It was] Get down on shame. “

Speaking of Crazy Hookups, As Fans Know, Dani Just welcomed their first child after sailing a boat with Jean-Luc Cerza Lennox During season two. Glenn is very “happy” for the former Stu, but she also called her pregnancy “unusual”, implying that Jean-Luc is the father.

“I’m really happy for Dani. I love Dani, she’s fabulous,” he declared, announcing that Dani really wanted to be a mother. “I don’t know if the circumstances are ideal, but she seems so happy has been I mean, it’s unusual. It’s not something you see, it’s not something that happens often. I think it’s interesting and good for him. I’m really happy for him.”

Meanwhile, the captains also discussed some of their favorite charter guests from the show, and Captain Lee recalled when they had RHOA cast member Cynthia Bailey and former cast member Claudia Jordan riding. Although he initially expected the ladies to be a handful, they actually became his two favourites.

“They were so much fun when they were on board,” he said. “And I went into that one thought, ‘Oh Christ, they’re gonna be so high-maintenance and they’ll be over the top.’ And it was just going to go on, and on, and it was going to be a charter from hell. Couldn’t be more wrong. They were just a lot of fun.”

below deck sailing yacht Season two airs Monday nights on Bravo at 9/8c, and below deck mediterranean season six Premieres Monday, June 28, at 9/8c on Bravo.

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