Cat Person, The Viral New Yorker Short Story, Gets Into The Psychological Thriller With Michael Gandolfini

Your advice is as good as mine.

When this story made the rounds, his ace and switch tactics made it exciting for some, but overall, there is not much in the short fiction that is exceptional. In fact, there are so many cool, subversive, and unexpected short stories out there that would no doubt be more compelling than “Cat Person.” The main thing it has on its side is virality. If at all, the fact that a great studio is making this film proves that we have built a society where the “most important” factor in accessing us is reached, which is not exactly the fairest thing in the world.

That said, I’m interested in watching the movie unfold, and I’m watching no matter what, even if only to watch a train wreck when it closes like this. I’m glad they decided to turn this movie into a psychological thriller, and I think that will certainly help his case, but otherwise I do not have the highest hopes. However, it can not be worse than the story – which was not bad! Just average. So either way, the movie is at least mostly worth watching. Ah, another day in Hollywood.

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