May 9, 2021


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Catherine was worried about Thomas

There are vast differences between Catherine and Meghan; One showed how concerned he was about his sister-in-law’s relationship with his father and the other showed the ghost.

Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, was concerned about her relationship with her sister-in-law Meghan and her father, according to a recent article. Daily Mail. Engaged to Prince Harry’s ex during Schalke Lawsuit The actress has not yet met her father, Thomas Merkel. The future Duke of Sussex, the future royal concert, expressed her concern when she and her then-fianc তারe stayed at her and husband Prince William’s house, Anmar Hall, not understanding why she had not met her future in-laws. Law

A royal writer has since said that Meghan was ’embarrassed’ by special members of her family. Now, we know that Thomas and his two older children, Samantha and Tom Jr., are Meghan’s half-siblings at

The Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan come from very different family structures. Katherine is incredibly close to her parents, Carol and Michael and siblings, Pippa and James, as well as her brother-in-law, James Matthews and nieces and nephews, Arthur and Grace. Meanwhile, Merkel is leaving her mother Doria alone in her corner and cutting off the rest of her family, including her black relatives, including her father.

Katherine had every right to be concerned. During a so-called ‘bombshell’ interview like who died, their sick father is haunted and the past refers to him? Talk about being reprehensible.

Meghan’s family is devastated and Catherine’s observation

Meghan’s family was devastated by the remarks Harry made, as he moved away from Catherine for a moment and, according to a Linked Daily Mail article. Prince edited the guest on BBC Radio 4 Today and commented that his family was “like family [Meghan] No. ”He also mentioned this in an engagement interview, but there is one thing that stands out.

Seeing Katherine, it seemed that Meghan had haunted her family [Markle] When asked about these, discomfort and apathy appear. He only talked about his mother Doria. Anyone who has followed the Duchess of Cambridge for years knows that she values ​​her family and that is why she has such a close bond with him. He is not a fool either. It’s clear he knew something was off and asked Harry if he knew what was going on in the woman he was looking at as ‘one’.

During the Oprah interview, Meghan claimed that it would be difficult to ‘reunite’ with her father after she did her job. Now, we don’t know about you, but Merkel has a grudge. He hopes that everyone in his life will be loyal to him and only to him. See what happened to her former best friend, Ninaki Predi, who later said [Ninaki] Duchess’s ex-husband was on the side of Trevor Engelson, he was away from Meghan’s life for good. She further said that she did not recognize the former actress who was starving for fame.