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(GIS DFW) – There are only a few games left in the regular season of college football. And CBS and CBS Sports Network are worthy of action on another Saturday. The still undefeated, top-ranked Georgia is in control of her destiny in the SEC East and faces high-flying Tennessee on the way. The State of San Diego and Nevada are fighting for control of West Mountain. And the Air Force and Colorado are trying to finish their losing streak. CBS’s Norm Elrod spoke to CBS Sports’ Brian Jones about the matchups.

#1 Georgia @ Tennessee on Saturday, November 13 at 3:30 PM ET on CBS

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No opposing offense went over 13 points in this Georgia defense. Could Tennessee be the first?

“Actually I think they can. A lot of things are pointing in their favor. And one of them is that they like to play fast. They score in like a minute and 29 seconds. They don’t have a huge time they have because they don’t need it. But they score pretty fast and last week’s Kentucky “If you go back to the game, they caught Kentucky off guard. They weren’t on the defensive side of the ball and Tennessee was able to take advantage of that. And I expect them to do the same to Georgia as they’ve done all season. So it’s more than 13 points, especially if they can catch them off guard like they did last week.” “I think they’re going to take it. There are some quarterbacks. Velus Jones has been really phenomenal here lately, and it’s also a kicking comeback for them. Running backs, running a lot. Small, very hard, physical backs and the kind of backs you have to use when playing in the SEC.”

Georgia hasn’t seen a close game since its opening against Clemson. Despite their strong attack, will Tennessee challenge them?

“This is considered a competitive game for both teams. And Tennessee is taking a big win against Kentucky at home and away. And the way they played against Alabama, I thought about that ball game – and I know that’s a long winded way to answer your question – but I thought they just didn’t have the depth to hang out with a team of their caliber. Alabama. This may come into play here as well. Their defense against Kentucky that night is just too much time to be on the field. And yet they reached W. I don’t think it will be close. I will say no. But I think they will last much longer than expected.”

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Nevada @ State of San Diego on Saturday, November 13 at 10:30 PM ET on CBS Sports Network

The State of San Diego and Nevada are one-two in the West West. Both teams sit just outside the top 25 and come from wins. How do you see this playing?

“Nevada, they hang your hat on batting and can throw with the best. So you have to stop Carson Strong and put some pressure on him. San Diego State, on the other hand, wants to beat you with a stone. They do a pretty good job of doing this. And so there will be a story of two different styles. I prefer the running style too, because if San Diego State can keep Carson Strong and the offense on the sidelines and be in the running game and run out of time, they have a good chance of winning. So I’m going to lean on San Diego State and say they have a victory over Nevada. This was an amazing game that San Diego State won one season ago. I think they can win again.”

Air Force @ State of Colorado on Saturday, November 13 at 7:00 PM ET on CBS Sports Network

The Air Force crashed two in a row. Colorado State lost three times in a row. Which of these teams will turn things around this week?

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“I will go with the Air Force. It’s a close but great game against the Army that we played on CBS last weekend. And I think they’re starting that running game. You don’t see the big numbers when these service academies play against each other. They are doing what they do best, which is managing the rock. And they both shut down each other’s running game last week. And I think Haaziq Daniels and Brad Roberts are going to roll again with their running game. Actually, they’re based on Roberts. It’s one of the best in Mountain West. And Haaziq Daniels showed his passing ability, making big moves at the end of that match to take them into overtime. Of course, they just came up short. That’s why I’m going with the Air Force. I think they are reintroducing triple options after encountering one of their colleagues who knows how to stop this kind of attack.”