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CDC Study: Vulnerable people have seen small doses of COVID-19 vaccines as their eligibility increases


They saw socially vulnerable people Low levels of COVID-19 vaccine coverage despite increased eligibility for vaccines, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Released Friday.

The CDC has determined that immunization coverage between December 14 and May 1 continues to increase with more socially vulnerable groups, especially in rural and “large suburban,” or suburban areas.

The CDC study found that high-risk woredas are more likely to have low immunizations compared to other woredas.

For the study, the agency used the 2018 Social Vulnerability Index to distribute districts into four groups, with the first conflict being low-risk districts and the fourth being large-scale. The study found that adults in the entire county who received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine coverage.

The data showed that woredas generally considered to be at risk had 59.3 percent coverage of vaccines compared to 49% of vulnerable counties.

The difference was more pronounced in the smaller coastal metropolitan districts and rural areas, with a difference of 16.7 percent and 12.3 percent among the least vulnerable groups, respectively.

Low-socio-economic counties had a low immunization coverage of 16.7 percent between low- and low-income groups.

The highest percentage of families with children, single parents, and people with disabilities received low immunization coverage, with 18.1 percent of these low-income counties.

Following the vaccination of the most eager people in the country, the number of vaccines in the country has decreased, and the authorities are focusing on improving access and increasing the number of attendees.

This suggests that CDC research authorities should be given greater attention to vulnerable districts and populations, establishing local mobile clinics and clinics, using trusted local voices, and organizing visits for those who need them.

The study analyzed data from 99 percent of adults in 3,129 counties or U.S. counties and found that county counts were less than 20,000 in all of Hawaii and all of Hawaii.

The data is available as of May 1 for all people 16 years of age and older who are eligible for the vaccine. At that time, 54 percent of those adults received at least one dose.


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