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CE Mark to Advanced Human Imaging’s Smartphone-Based Derma AI


Australian smartphone-based medical imaging company Advanced Human Imaging revealed last week that it has received the CE mark for its dermatology artificial intelligence component in its DermaScan SaaS platform.

why it matters

According to the company, the Dermaskan AI can accurately classify skin conditions from a photo taken with a smartphone’s camera. Using a large database, it can classify 588 common and rare skin conditions into 133 categories, including all categories of skin cancer.

In April, AHI entered into binding licensing and investment agreements with Canadian digital health company Triage Technologies. It received global distribution rights for Triage’s AI, which was integrated into its CompleteScan platform, now called Dermaskan.

In a statement, AHI said the DermaScan platform empowers healthcare practitioners to “get an immediate second opinion and better identify dermatological conditions using just a smartphone.”

big trend

earlier this month, Google Teased its latest AI-powered tool that helps users research and identify their skin concerns. Users must upload a picture and provide follow-up information about their status before the AI ​​model can analyze the information and provide a list of possible conditions.

In other news, AHI revealed this month that it Partnered with US-based Jan Care Using aftermarket blood monitoring equipment to offer remote blood testing for patients with chronic disease.

On the record

“This approval significantly opens up the market for AHI and triage. The CE mark covers 27 countries in the EU. More importantly, it validates AI-powered tools [a] Reliable Options and provides physicians and patients within the EU access to reliable information so that they can make an informed decision, ”AHI CEO Vlado Bosanac said in a statement.

“We are excited to receive CE approval and soon be in a position to offer the CompleteScan platform across Europe through our partnership with AHI. We set out to build the world’s most accurate AI engine that can condition the skin.” Can identify an affordable and accessible way. As we stand today, I am proud to say that we have achieved this with Derma AI, “said Tory Germain, CEO of Triage.

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