CEAT tyres working on technology to provide real-time solutions to fleet owners

Indian multinational Tyre maker CEAT will introduce technology that could identify bad driving and send alerts to truck fleet owners on the condition of tyres.

The Mumbai-based company is working alongside truck fleet owners to provide real-time solutions that would impact the overall condition of the vehicles.

“We are working on technologies that will require sensors in the tyres and provide the fleet with driver behavior in terms of how the vehicle is operating and what is going to happen,” Anant Goenka, Managing Director, CEAT Limited, told businessline.

Fleet owners will be provided with details about the tyre condition, including if the driving behaviour, with break-ins and high acceleration, inadequate tyre inflation, and wear-in of tyres.

“The profitability of the trucks can be improved with this as the data will be captured and the issue can be identified and fixed in real-time in the vehicles,” said Goenka.

Greener Tyres

The company is using more sustainable and green materials to improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles.

“Sustainability is the next big trend, and we launched tyres in all categories, from two-wheelers to trucks for electric vehicles that have no noise and can take faster pick up with limited strength. We are using more green materials to make sure the fuel efficiency of vehicles is improving,” said Goenka.

The company that posted its September quarter result on November 7 reported an 85 per cent drop in consolidated net profit due to an increase in raw material prices. Further, the company plans to continue investing in the off-highway tyre business internationally and is also anticipating benefits from the tyre business domestically.

“In India, we sell more in the value segment than the premium segment. People will go down and purchase lower-cost products, and we are positive that we could benefit from it. The investment in off-highway tires would continue as we see strong growth in the business,” added Goenka.

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