May 9, 2021


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Celebrities are approving common vaccines. Does it help?

Pele, Dolly Parton, and the Dalai Lama have nothing in common: In March, more than a few days ago, the health benefits of covad-19 vaccines became the most recent.

I want to say to all the cowards there: Don’t be such a chicken broth, ”Ms. Parton, 75 He said in the video She received the vaccine in Tennessee and posted it on Twitter. Go out there and take your shot. ”

This is not the first time that ordinary people have lost their popularity in an effort to change their behavior. It supports or reinforces the message that health authorities are trying to promote to the public, whether through vaccinations or other treatments. In 18th-century Russia, Catherine the Great was vaccinated With smallpox As part of her campaign to promote the process nationwide. About 200 years later, Backstage by Ed Sullivan Show, ”Elvi Presley received the polio vaccine to help reach vulnerable teens.

But do stellar supports really work? Not necessarily. Epidemiologists say there could be many warnings and risks – and little scientific evidence that the supports really increase immunization.

“In fact, celebrities give weight to professionals, for better or for worse,” says epidemiologist and ADM editor Rene F. Najera. History of vaccines Website, Philadelphia Medical College College Project.

“There is some change in social media and the social impact of young people,” he said. “But we often listen to our peers more than they do their peers.”

As immunization campaigns are accelerating around the world, it is becoming more and more common to see high-level support – And among the strangest – Online rituals of the Covid era.

To help keep up with the event, New York Magazine during the winter a Run list Including newly vaccinated celebrities Christine Brenley (“Easy”), Hopi Goldberg (“I do not feel”) and Mandy Patinkin (“One of the few benefits of old age”). Journalists in India did the same Bollywood movie stars.

Pictures of male politicians in Europe Getting their bullets in the absence of a shirt They created many funny things. Dr. Esther Chu, an epidemiologist in Oregon, joked on Twitter that he was conducting a public relations campaign called “Operation Smolder” by French Health Minister Olivier Veran.

When there is a suspicion of covariate vaccines, such posts are well known because they allow millions of people to immediately see the raw materials of vaccines – injections and all. Stubborn in America And beyond. Witnesses of the rapid fire in March by Pelle, Ms. Parton and the Dalai Lama reached more than 30 million followers and hundreds of thousands of followers around Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. April Singer Sierra hosted the star-studded NBC special Former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michel Obama Lynn-Manuel Miranda, Jennifer Hudson, Matthew McConnell and others.

Tracy Epton, a psychologist at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, who studied public health interventions during the cholera epidemic, said: “Such support may be particularly important if there is a low level of trust in government / public sources.”

Linn This was the case in the 1950s, when the Elvis Presley National Foundation for Children’s Paralysis agreed to receive polio vaccine to help demographically paralyze adolescents – “it was difficult to learn and motivate traditionally,” said Stephen E. Professor of Modern American History at Bristol University in the United Kingdom

“I think Elvis ‘vaccine’ made it look ‘cool’,” said Dr. Modsley.

There is some evidence that supportive medical behaviors can have tangible results. After Katie Curry The colonoscope was live Linn At the 2000 “Today” show, for example, the number of color tests in the United States It has risen to about nine months.

And researchers in Indonesia have found pre-coronavirus Experiment 46 When celebrities agree to send immunization messages on Twitter or replay, their posts are more popular than similar ones. Researchers have found that it is true that celebrities communicate their message in their own voice rather than in the presence of others.

“Their voices are important,” said Viv Alatas, an Indonesian economist and co-author of the study. It’s not just their ability to gain followers. ”

Although for the most part, the science that connects celebrity support to behavior change is cautious.

One reason is that people in general Consider those in their own personal networksThey are not celebrities, they are sources of advice on changing their behavior, Dr. Najera.

He mentioned a 2018 Study In the United States, a few gun owners have made it a point to be known for their safety. Owners are more likely to trust law enforcement officers, active duty military personnel, hunting or outdoor groups and family members.

Dr. Najera and other researchers are mobilizing American focus groups to find out what caused the CVD-19 vaccine – or not. So far, he said, the initial findings suggest that the doses or doses of the vaccine are often in line with the racial, ethnic, or socio-economic characteristics of the recipient.

According to Hoffie Huen, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas A&M University in San Antonio, astronomical perceptions vary greatly from fan to fan, and the immunizations of celebrities were “the result of many.” Some see a celebrity as just a hobby, Dr. Huen, while others make connections to make up for the lack of real relationships in their own lives.

“So going back to Dolly, if people realize she is a ‘very liberal’ celebrity, it could have a small impact on many parts of the country,” he said.

In Indonesia this summer, a mega-celebrity took just a few hours to cut his own vaccine.

The government has nominated 34-year-old entertainer Rafi Ahmed Among the first in the country To receive a Covi Shot in January. Do not be afraid of vaccinating about one-fifth of the country’s population of about 50 million at the time.

He was seen wearing a mask that night, and He has been accused of undermining public trust.

“Please Can You Do Something Better” Sina Sher Rina Munaf, An Indonesian musician, Mr. Ahmed, and her 11 million followers on Twitter took to Twitter. Your followers trust you. ”