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BRENDAN RODGERS says Youri Tielemans is great and well worth it WAIT gold, GRAEME BRYCE writes.

The 24-year-old Belgian midfielder was on the verge of signing a new contract ahead of Leicester City’s last Europa League match against Slavia Prague in February.

Since then, Rodgers’ Foxes have won the FA Cup – beating Manchester City to win the Community Shield – and are back in the Europa League tonight ready to welcome Italian giants Napoli.

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But Tielemans, who will fall into the folklore of the fabulous FA Cup winner Foxes against Chelsea, is no closer to reaching his pen and says he’s ‘keeping his options open’ and ‘open to anything’.

Less than two years before his contract expires, Rodgers knows that giants like Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona are revolving around Leicester’s record £35m purchase, which has doubled in value since arriving from Monaco in 2019.

But Rodgers seems relaxed and said: “I clearly saw what Yourri was saying and – as I always get from Youri – he gave an honest answer and is open to any kind of interpretation.

“The lack of commitment or intensity just becomes an issue for me, but for Youri, one of the best professionals I’ve ever worked with, that has never been the case.

That won’t change whether he has five years, four years or six months left on his contract.

“There is a dialogue between his representatives and the club about how long he will stay. But he is happy, he is working well and I am happy that he is with us.”

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