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Charlie Hanson removed as ‘Life After Life’ producer, suspended by BFTA deadline


British television producer and director Charlie Hanson has been removed from Netflix’s Ricky Garvey Comedy Life after And Buffett has suspended him amid allegations of sexual abuse.

Both Netflix and BFTA were sent an anonymous email this week alleging Hanson. Times of London Saturday report That he is the subject of complaints from 11 women who made detailed allegations of dating from 2008 to 2015. Hanson has vehemently denied the allegations.

Netflix has confirmed that Hanson is no longer a producer Life after. A spokesman said: “On Monday we received an anonymous email with a headline containing historical allegations about a producer. The allegations are not related to his time on the show, we immediately removed him from production and referred the matter to the police. ”

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In a statement, Gervais added: “I am shocked and shocked to learn of the historical allegations made by several women against Charlie Hanson. It was immediately decided to remove him from production and I am sure the matter is being handled perfectly. ”

The BFTA has also confirmed that it has suspended Hanson’s membership. A spokesman said: “We have received a number of serious complaints about a person and we have decided to suspend their membership immediately without hiring them. BAFTA is an arts charity and does not have the capacity to investigate historical claims of abuse claims so we referred the matter to the police. These accounts allege that the behavior is disgusting, completely contrary to BFA values ​​and has no place in our industry. “

In a statement through her attorney, Hanson told Dateline: “I have been aware of allegations of mistreatment of women for many years. Based on the summary provided to me, I understand that many of these allegations have been made anonymously. And apparently false.

“I have not had a single complaint about working in the media industry for decades. I categorically reject any wrongdoing on my part and vehemently deny the allegations against me. I have worked and supported hundreds of men and women throughout my career and will do whatever is necessary to protect and / or restore my reputation. I will also cooperate in any formal investigation. The matter is now in the hands of my lawyer. ”

Hanson’s agent, a spokesman for United Agents, said: “We are shocked by the historical allegations. Although the matter has been investigated, we have suspended his representation. ”His profile has been removed from the United Agents website.

The Times quoted excerpts from an email sent to Netflix and BFTA as saying: “Charlie Hanson is a hunter who uses his reputation, connections and stands to rely on older, impressed and sometimes vulnerable women. . “

Hanson had previously spoken of industry mischief after allegations against actor Noel Clark. In a comment to Variety earlier this month, the agency criticized BAFTA’s response to allegations against Clarke after it went ahead with an outstanding British contribution to the Cinema Awards. “A lot of people saw BFTA’s emails and were disappointed that the three were prominent [industry figures] Allegations of harassment came to them and they were not given the time they deserved, ”Hanson said.

Hanson is a Bafta-winner of the UK comedy scene and has worked as a producer on many high-profile shows, including A feather of birds, Not coming out, And Reggie Perrin. He has often collaborated with Gervais Office Creator on Life after, Extra, Derek, And features David Brent: Life on the Road And Cemetery Junction.

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