Chase viewers anger over ‘unfair’ question for blind contestant

Chase viewers erupted in anger after labeling a question received by a blind actor on the game show “unfair”.

Bradley Walsh hosted again ITV On the night of Thursday, October 14th, the show where four new players step up to take on a Chaser.

Kathryn, Rob, Sue and Nick go up against Paul ‘Sinnerman’ Sinha to make some money.

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But when Rob, the blind contestant who brought his guide dog Bob to the show, was eliminated, the audience felt he was being treated harshly.

The 56-year-old Scottish player became the third person from his team to go head-to-head with the chaser after winning £5,000 in the cash builder round.

However, he was sent home after he failed to return, with viewers calling the question unfair and bad.

Bradley asked Rob, “How many numbers usually appear on a standard UK barcode?” asked.

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Viewers were outraged about the question on Twitter.

Phil Tutty wrote: “I love it #To send away but they asked a blind person how many digits are in a barcode today and when was the last time a blind was open, they asked a question about the colors of the billiard ball. Does anyone remember asking a sighted person a question that only a blind person would know?”

Lynda said: “It’s an unfair question to ask a blind competitor how many there are. The numbers on the barcode! Shame on you #Thechase”

Albie sarcastically added: “Nice level playground at #TheChase, let’s ask a blind competitor how many numbers are in a barcode.”

Sandra Harvey wrote: “The question ‘How many digits in the barcode? was so wrong for a blind competitor #TheChase'”

Sharon Forbes said: “I think this barcode question was a bit rude for a blind person who could never see one chase”

Jack Stewy added: “#thechase should be ashamed of asking a blind man a question based on visual information.”

Regular__John said: “This #chase question was no better than asking the blind contestant, “What color shirt am I wearing?”

And Sue wrote: “#thechase It’s totally ridiculous to ask a blind competitor how many numbers are in a barcode! How would they know!”

Chase continues tomorrow at 5pm on ITV.


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