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Children recently shared their experiences of Israel-Gaza violence


Reconstruction and restoration are underway in Gaza and Israeli cities hit by recent violence.

But treating victims – on both sides – will take longer. Most were in Palestinian territory, and many were very young.

Dana Sehvel is 11 years old and lives in Bat Hanoon, north of the Gaza Strip. He told Euronews about his experience.

“We were at our house and I heard explosions all around, near the farm and in the Umar Masjid. Then the glass was falling and the houses were falling on the people. We lost hope. Some people ran away and the paramedics told us Run that hospital. “

Amal is 12 years old and is from the same city where Dana is. She said that she was getting ready for the ceremony at the end of Ramzan, but it did not happen.

“I prepared my clothes, my toys and all my things for Eid. But on the day of Eid, I could not wear them or leave my house to celebrate Eid. We could not enjoy or enjoy Eid. , It was just the sound of explosions and we were not feeling safe. “

As the conflict intensified, some children took shelter with relatives.

Maram Abu Odah is 11 years old and lives in Beach Camp, west of the city of Gaza. “During the war, my father sent me and my brother to my uncle’s house and my two cousins ​​came to our house. I was very scared there. For me, it’s not like I would be with my father and mother I am. They can make me feel safe. They feel that if this house is bombed, at least some family members will survive, and maybe they can help others.”

Experts fear long-term effects on young minds of continued exposure to such extreme violence

“If you, having already experienced four wars with seven years of life already, it’s hard not to feel in the future that I only have to wait for another war to happen, and not to hurt me. Something to hurt my parents and the people around me,” said Dr. Juan Paris, a psychiatrist at Doctors Without Borders. “So it greatly affects the likelihood of developing in a positive way.”

More than 200 Palestinians, including at least 63 children, were killed in the 11-day conflict. Two of the 10 people killed by Israel were children.


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