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China launches cargo rocket into orbit throws fried dishes at future space station staff – RT World News


China successfully launched a cargo rocket on Saturday to prepare the main module for its space station, Tiangong. These include traditional dishes, even allowing future crews to taste fried foods.

The Tianzhou-2 spacecraft – which will refill the main module with propulsion and other equipment – was successfully launched with the Long March-7 Y3 rocket from the Wenchang spacecraft launch site on Saturday.

Other equipment launched on the rocket included scientific equipment and traditional Chinese food, which was sent to the station earlier than before the astronauts’ occupation. “We will first carry the support materials, spare parts and equipment and then our crew.” Hao Chun, director of the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA), explained.

In accordance with Xinhua News، “Famous fried Chinese dishes such as minced pork with garlic sauce and Kung Pao chicken are both on the list.”

The astronauts’ space suits were also sent into orbit by the Tianzhou-2 spacecraft.

Zhou Jianping, chief designer of the manned program, told Chinese media that the country “It plans to build the space station into a state-level space laboratory that supports the long stay of astronauts and extensive scientific, technological and practical experiments.”

Another 11 launches have been reported Planned For the space station, which adds two more modules to the current main module in orbit, it re-stores the equipment and delivers the crew.

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China’s previous launch was met with widespread negative coverage in the West after it was found that parts of the Long March 5B missile launched on April 29 were re-launching uncontrollably into the atmosphere. Media of debris as “Missile out of control” And they speculated that this could hurt the ground, while Beijing said it was unlikely.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin acted delicately as experts tried to predict the site of the demolition Shots On the Chinese space program, announced that he is “I hope it lands where it does not hurt anyone.” And that “For us who work in space, there must be a requirement to work in a safe and thoughtful state.”

NASA also blamed China “Failure to comply with responsible standards.”

Debris, finally Burned Over the Indian Ocean, the Chinese government accused the United States of having two standards: When the wreckage of a SpaceX rocket crashed into an American man’s farm in March, drowning the American media. “Stunning light display”.

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