Chisora ​​is watching Parker stop in the rematch in December

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Image by Mark Robinson.

Derek Chisora ​​says he has surrendered to coach Dave Coldwell in an attempt to win his December 18 rematch with Joseph Parker.

Chisora, who has been training with Coldwell at his Rotherham gym from Monday-Thursday, told his trainer that he was willing to do anything in camp to get Parker over this time.

“If you do not change, you are a fool,” Chisora ​​said. “If you do not change your environment, you are a fool. A few years ago as a young upcoming fighter, I tried to be recognized in the game … as time goes on, I change a little.”

He said he was more relaxed these days, but added: “We want to go to a stop. Boxing is a violent sport. Another man hits you in the face, it is a violent sport. It is a fighting game how we “I have to say it as it is. We’re going in there to fight. It’s violent.”

Chisora ​​is 32-11 and has lost its last two, to Oleksandr Usyk and Parker via split decision in May.

When asked if he would call it a day if he lost three times, he replied, “Win or lose, something always happens. Boxing is a hard game to leave, even those who leave it come back with the same. For me, there is no chance of loss in this fight. “

Parker, who has trained at Morecambe with coach Andy Lee, has talked about being more vicious this time around and winning by knockout.

“He has fast hands,” Derek admitted. “Our job is to take his quick hands away, keep him out of balance and grind him down. In boxing, the only thing that knocks you out is the blow you do not see. It is the blow you do not see that strikes. you out, everything you see does not knock you out. “

Chisora ​​is now managed by 258, Anthony Joshua’s management company. Joshua is likely to rematch Usyk in the spring, and Chisora ​​does not blame Joshua for taking the immediate rematch.

“If you do not take it, then where does he go?” he said. “Who is he fighting, Deontay Wilder? The boxing game only makes money now because AJ is in. People were not in love with boxing when Wladimir Klitschko was in it. AJ brought the glamor. When was the last time anyone sold out Cardiff, Wembley, Tottenham .. “The guy came in, he’s done a great job, given a great show, and the day he loses, he should not take the rematch? He just had a bad day in the office. Why should he not take the rematch?”

Tyson Fury, The Ring’s heavyweight champion, has long said he would meet Chisora ​​for the third time before retiring, and that’s something Derek is still open to.

“Oh yeah,” said Chisora, the 37-year-old who lost to Fury in 2011 and 2014. “I like Tyson Fury. He’s done well for himself. If it’s there, let’s do it. “

Parker is eager to enhance the Chisora ​​exhibit

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