May 9, 2021


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Chloe Kardashian’s latest – Star sends secret text message to Tristan Thompson and Sydney Chase about “cheating”, fans.

Fans Salam Kim ‘Dress’

Proponents of Kim Kardashian believe that her new outfit is a combination of “carpets.”

Kim, 40, shared a new dress for her Instagram Profile as you prepare for another vacation today.

The real star showed off her famous curve flats in a yellow skirt, yellow, green, and gray, with her famous curve yellow and said, “I was saving this dress for Vaca, but I guess it’s gram.”

But the fans were not happy about the dress, as many rushed to the spot to make it look like a “carpet.”

A fan responded to the request of another 739 like-minded people and asked, “You sewed carpets together.”

“Good carpet,” another joked, and the third reprimanded him, saying, “Love that carpet.”