Chris Cuomo Not Mentioning Alleged Sexual Harassment on CNN Show

Chris Cuomo made no mention of an allegation that he sexually assaulted an old friend. A B C The news producer he works for on Friday night’s episode Cuomo PrimeTime.

NS CNN The personality hosted his show as usual, but didn’t address the claim, instead discussing a selection of the day’s other news stories. at one sight article Posted by New York Times Earlier in the day, Shelley Ross accused Cuomo of groping her rear end at a party in 2005, which she said was “a hostile act aimed at belittling and belittling her former female boss in front of staff”.

While Cuomo did not address the claim during the CNN show, he did respond in a statement. Times Taking care to note that before the show aired, Ross stated in his article that he “doesn’t think that Mr. Cuomo’s behavior was inherently sexual.”

“As Shelley conceded, our interaction was not sexual in nature,” Cuomo said. Times, whereat News Week Sent at the request of a comment. “It happened in a public setting 16 years ago, when I was a senior executive at ABC. I apologized to him at the time and I was serious.”

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Chris Cuomo, the CNN host featured on the 2019 WarnerMedia Upfronts, did not address the alleged assault on his Friday night show.
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Cuomo’s brother, former Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, resigned from his position in August after several sexual harassment allegations. Although the former governor resigned, he maintained his innocence. Chris Cuomo On the CNN program, he avoided the topic, citing the network policy that forbade him from discussing the issue because of a conflict of interest.

It’s unclear whether CNN policy will prevent Cuomo from commenting on the allegations against him on-air. The network intervened in May when it was revealed that he had advised his brother on how to respond to the allegations, and released a statement stating that Chris Cuomo “will not participate in such conversations in the future.”

After a brief hiatus from CNN in early August, Cuomo covered his brother’s resignation on air, about a week after it was announced, and announced that he had “advised” the former governor, while admitting that he “could not be objective” on the matter. own your actions and resign.

“My advice to my brother was simple and consistent: take ownership of what you did, tell people what you would do to be better, regret it,” Cuomo said. “And finally, accept that it doesn’t matter what you intend. What matters is how your actions and words are perceived.”

“And yes, I called on my brother to resign when the time came, even though it was something I never dreamed of doing,” he added.

News Week reached out to CNN for comment.

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