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Chris Harris on Top Gear and the future of the car industry


Top Gear presenter Chris Harris is the latest guest on the Fueling Around podcast, discussing working with ardent car enthusiasts Freddy Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness and the future of the UK car industry.

Harris, who has been presenting the BBC’s Top Gear since 2016, tells hosts Jason Plato and Dave Vitti that he is currently recording the show’s latest series with Flintoff and McGuinness.

During his latest trip to Northumberland in Caravan, Harris remembers the prank McGinnies played on his co-presenter.

As Harris explained: “This time I married publicly, not by Andrew (Flintoff), but by another, pointed-eyed McGinnies.

“I was trying to open a trailer and I’m carrying a little bit of wood and I’m leaning on this thing because the jockey wheel won’t go down properly. So it helps that he lifts me off my pants. and then they parted. Elastic belt, separate from the rest of the garment, she took the photo and put it online, but she put it on in a relaxed position. So it didn’t look like a wedgie, it looked My pants had just fallen apart with millions of his followers. “

Are Electric Cars the Future of the Motor Industry?

Harris also says he is unsure whether electric cars are the right answer to the UK’s fossil fuel problem, but acknowledged that something needs to be done to help tackle climate change.

One of his favorite songs to drive with is the jump by well-known rock band Van Halen, before being told that.

Chris Harris

Enjoy refueling nearby

There are three more episodes to come from series two as more Petrolhead stars prepare to jump into the passenger seat of Dave and Jason.

But if you can’t wait until next week for episode two, fear not, you can listen in full. first series of refueling all around, Including the best bits to increase your appetite.

You can also listen and subscribe to popular automotive offerings Spotify And Apple podcast.

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