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Chris Harrison Isn’t Returning To ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ To Be Replaced By Celebrity Guest Hosts


Chris Harrisonfuture withBachelorThe franchise is in limbo as the longtime host — who came under fire for racially insensitive comments — will sit out this summer.”bachelor in heaven,” the source explains Variety.

The role will be filed by celebrity comedians — including David Spade — who will serve as guest hosts, according to knowledge of the plans. As of Wednesday, offers from celebrity talent were still being considered and Spade’s deal was the only one closed. Unlike the upcoming season of “The Bachelorette,” which will premiere next week, “Bachelor in Paradise” will not be hosted by a Bachelor Nation alum.

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ABC and Warner Bros. TV declined to comment about Harrison’s involvement with “Bachelor in Paradise” and his future status with the “The Bachelor” franchise. The network and studio also declined to comment on Spade.

Harrison has been on edge and embroiled in controversy Since February when he made highly critical comments during an interview about the feud with “The Bachelor” contestant Rachel Kirkconnell, who ended up winning the season with Matt James, the dating series’ first black lead. Kirkconnell attended an antebellum-themed fraternity party in 2018 while she was a college student, and when controversial images surfaced on social media again this year, Harrison shared an interview with former “Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay. During the defense of Kirkconnell. (Lindsay has since parted ways with the franchise for not renewing his contract To host the “Bachelor” podcast.)

As the dispute escalated into a media scandal, James and Kirkconnell briefly broke up, Speaking about the issue in the finale episode, “After the Final Rose.” Today, James and Kirkconnell are back together and have publicized their relationship on social media and in the press.

When Harrison’s interview with Lindsay Blown up this past February, Harrison apologized and announced that he would be stepping down for an undisclosed period, first starting with “After the Final Rose”, hosted by Emmanuel Ecko. those days, Harrison said“I am dedicated to being educated at a more intensive and productive level than ever before.”

it was announced later that would be Harrison Not Hosting the Upcoming Season of “The Bachelorette” Starring Katie Thurston. In Harrison’s absence, former fan-favorite ‘Bachelorette’ stars Tesia Adams and Caitlin Bristow will serve as co-host for the season, which will premiere on June 7. At the time, ABC Entertainment and Warner Horizon issued a joint statement, saying, “We support Chris in the work he is committed to doing.” But in the months that followed, there has been no indication whether Harrison will return, and sources say the network and studio are taking a “wait and see” approach. A person close to Harrison says his lawyers are “outraged” by how the case is being handled.

Several individuals familiar with the ongoing internal negotiations state that no decision has been made at this time about whether Harrison will continue to be the franchise’s permanent host. Sources say the audience’s reaction to the upcoming season of ‘The Bachelorette’ may help determine his fate.

However, two different sources have stated that it is highly unlikely that Harrison will serve as host. Michelle Young’s Season of “The Bachelorette” Which is set to air this fall after “Bachelor in Paradise.” If Harrison were to return, it appears that soon will be for season 26 of “The Bachelor,” which airs in January 2022.

Harrison is said to want to continue her hosting job – a role she has played since the beginning of the Juggernaut dating franchise in 2002. People close to Harrison say the veteran host cares deeply about the franchise and its audience, and has no plans to walk away on his own volition. In March, Harrison told Michael Strahan on “Good Morning America” ​​that he was working with a race educator, faith leaders and scholars, and said he would like to return to the show. “I plan to come back and I want to come back,” he said during the televised interview.

As the sole host to help launch the hit dating franchise, Harrison has played a big part in the series’ immense success and has a loyal following within Bachelor Nation who want to see him return to the screen. On the other hand, many viewers are hurt and hurt by Harrison’s comments about race, putting the network and studio in a challenging position.

In March, Harrison retained power attorney Brian Friedman as ABC and Warner Bros. set the next steps. The Los Angeles-based attorney has represented the likes of Megyn Kelly in her outing with NBC News and Gabrielle Union in her dispute with “America’s Got Talent”. When contacted for this story, Friedman declined to comment.

A source says that the production of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ is going to start next week. new season will premiere on 16 august

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