Chris Paul whips nutmeg out in the clinic against the Rockets

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Phoenix Suns superstar Chris Paul just doubled his ‘Point God’ nickname and took the entire Houston Rockets squad to school. The 11-time All-Star was deep in the bag on Sunday night when he once again proved he is one of the smartest court generals in the league today.

First of all, Sun’s pointguard taught Spanish young Usman Garuba with one of the smoothest nutmegs you’ll ever see. Paul was the size of a rookie all the time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to fool Garuba on his way to a patented mid-range jumper.

I can see this again and again (via The House of Highlights):

And CP3 was not finished yet. Paul went on to teach these young rockets a few more lessons. This time it was on the defensive end as the 9-time All-Defensive Team member put the clamps on some more Houston kids (via NBA Central):

First, it was Kevin Porter Jr. who tried to walk past Paul with a dazzling dribble. Unfortunately for Porter, CP can perform all of these movements with his eyes closed, so it was pretty easy for him to knock the ball away from the 21-year-old. After that, Paul kept his foot on the gas and remained locked defensively. When the Rockets kept possession of the ball at the same game, the Suns star held on to it and stuck the ball away again, this time against this year’s second overall pick Jalen Green.

Back to school, boys. Principal Chris Paul is in the building.

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