Christina Kim finds a cookie ahead of the weekend | LPGA

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As she walked away from her post-round interview, Christina Kim threw another fool back over her shoulder: “You know what they say, a fat boy finds a cookie on the floor once in a while.” For Kim, the familiar cookie is a place close to the top of the rankings heading into the weekend at the Pelican Women’s Championship presented by Konica Minolta and Raymond James after results at 65-66 on Thursday and Friday. Getting into the field on a sponsor’s exemption is one thing, while taking advantage of it is another. And Kim is, as usual, just happy to be in this position again.

“I’m really excited. I’m missing words,” she said after mapping out six birdies and two bogeys in the second round. “Dan Doyle, all here at Pelican Golf Club, all with DEX Imaging, Konica Minolta, the fact that they were willing to give me a chance, especially with everything at stake this week, it really means so much to me that they were willing to believe in me and give me an opportunity to come out here and keep my card.And now thinking about trying to lift that trophy.It feels great.It’s a phenomenal field and it’s cool that an old Betty like me can still occasionally just turn it around and find the bottom of the cup every now and then. ”

The 2021 season has been “interesting”, says the 37-year-old in his competition year. She had missed 10 cuts in 19 starts prior to the week at Pelican Golf Club and is currently sitting on the bubble to maintain her LPGA Tour status for next year. It’s a lot for any professional, whether beginner or veteran, to deal with, and despite her cheerful disposition and tendency to look on the bright side, Kim can not lie about feeling the pressure.

“I practiced really, really hard the last three weeks before the field was set, and was hypersressed,” she said. “So once Monday came around and I got the phone call that I got the invitation, it was just the biggest sigh of relief. It turns out that I’m a bit of a control freak, so I have no control over my own destiny, I’m not a big fan of that. When I knew I could control my own destiny, I was able to just focus on getting the job done.It’s such a pleasure to be here and play and be in Florida. And to get to play such a great golf course as Pelican Golf Club, there’s no need to stress because it’s a great property. You’re going to write your own story. “

But the sense of gratitude that Kim feels for her position in life is unshakable. During her time off the course, she has been able to venture out into golf broadcasts, a role that suits her personally really well. No matter what happens on the weekend, it’s something Kim’s grateful to still have a place in the game, whether it’s competing on the court or the microphone in the studio, even though she’s convinced the sun has not set. on her playing career just yet.

“You only get one shot at life and I have been through a lot in my life and have been at the other end of it where I have plunged into my own misery and eventually came my own way,” Kim said. “So if this ends up being the last tournament of my season, then it’s great. I might as well enjoy it, and instead of thinking about a miss-hit shot, I now just allow myself to get one. “New opportunity to have a sick up and down. This is my passion. This is my love. My whole life is golf. I stop when it’s time. I’m not fucking close yet.”