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CIO Think Tank Roadmap Report: Reinventing IT


In March and April 2021, the CIO conducted a series of Think CIO discussions – virtual roundtables that brought together 36 IT leaders to address one of the most important enterprise issues today: IT restructuring.

These discussions aim to identify key IT re-engineering issues to meet rapidly evolving business requirements, and offer a roadmap for IT leadership to overcome practical barriers. The roundtables were facilitated by John Gallant, Enterprise Consulting Director for IDG, and also included IDC Director of Research Joe Pucciarelli, Group VP & IT Executive Advisor, IDC; IDG B2B Executive Director Eric Knorr; and BMC Software Chief Technical Officer Ram Chakravarti.

[ Download the full CIO Think Tank Roadmap Report: Reinventing IT ]

Participants – IT leaders from a wide area of ​​commercial industries, universities, and government agencies of all sizes – drew on their own experience and knowledge to illustrate strategic and tactical approaches to critical challenge. How can IT overcome old practices and technical debt, reinvent the workforce, and even reinvent its own command?

The urgency of those questions has only increased in the wake of the global pandemic. Not only should it continue the business as before, but it should also help the business accelerate into a new environment.

While the challenges associated with the pandemic have taken diverse forms in a variety of industries, a majority of organizations around the world have faced significant headwinds in recent years — plus. For example, a global IDC Wave Survey, conducted in September 2020 with 679 respondents, found that 60% experienced supply chain planning and forecasting failures after the initial pandemic shock.

According to our CIO Think Tank participants, as companies strive to emerge from such pandemic effects, IT leaders are increasingly given the role of driving growth and revenue. It’s “all hands on deck” for organizations to recover and return to growth mode.

Download our CIO Think Tank Roadmap to learn how different organizations identify barriers, highlight innovative approaches, and challenges the tech industry to help navigate the path.

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