Clothing and coffee: Chicago man works with local organizations to get vets back to work

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While spending a year in Afghanistan as part of the anti-corruption task force, a Chicago man was inspired by the men and women in uniform.

When Mark Doyle returned home, he saw how many veterans were struggling. It led him to start a company, rags of honor, A non-profit clothing company that makes T-Shirts for those in need

The purpose coincides with the mission of leaving no one behind and hiring veterinarians.

Doyle has employed 95 veterans since it first started.

He also followed the scent of coffee and discovered a new passion and partnership. Josh Millman, who started Passion House Coffee, became interested in Doyle’s mission. They collaborated for the launch Senior Fries.

Mark’s wife, Kip Doyle, helped start the project, and they brought in Navy vet Branden Marty to run it.

Future plans include a new 25,000-square-foot building in Pullman. It will house a commercial roasting plant, a cafe and much more.