Co Down woman talks about living with constant pain after scoliosis surgery

A Co Down woman who had scoliosis surgery four years ago spoke about the ‘constant pain’ she still endures.

Clare Foster, 36, was able to work three jobs before having surgery in 2017. Although he had pain before the surgery, it was manageable, now it’s debilitating.

Prior to PandemicClare was ready to have another surgery to remove the metal work placed on her back as her back was in pain with every move she made.

Clare told Belfast Live About his experience after surgery.

He said: “Before Covid, I was ready for surgery to remove this metal work. It sticks out of my back, so every time I move I have constant pain. I just live my life in constant pain. Before that, I used to work three jobs, now I don’t work at all, I had pain but it wasn’t as bad as before the surgery.

“I’ve been trying everything. I’ve tried not eating sugar, cutting out dairy and gluten to reduce inflammation and pain. But frankly, that scar is still there, the stick is still there—I really make it work.”

Clare said she could feel the movement of the metal bar placed on her back after her surgery, causing the discomfort and pain she still endured.

Because of his pain, Newcastle The woman said that she often had depressive thoughts and could not live life as before.

“From the beginning I told the doctors I could feel the metal moving, but they disagreed with me because they said the scans looked perfect,” Clare said.

“But I know my own body, I can feel it moving, and now you can physically see it, you can feel the screws.

“Most days, I just don’t want to be alive. It’s not a way of life – just getting through each day. I can’t make plans because I don’t know for sure if I’ll be available to go out for days.

The scar on Clare’s back

“Some days you put on a brave face and try to get past him, but he’s always in the background. People don’t think there’s anything wrong with you because they can’t physically see. If I’m walking slowly and about it, I can see people getting mad at me because they can’t see behind me, they don’t think there’s anything wrong.”

Now, the 36-year-old is collecting donations in Mexico so she can get treatment to help her recover.

Besides, she will be able to learn how to take care of her younger sister who is undergoing the same scoliosis treatment.

Clare added: “The only thing that gives me hope and keeps me from taking my own life is the fundraiser, because I don’t feel like I’m 36, I don’t feel like I’m functioning in society. I don’t feel like I’m contributing, I just feel like I exist every day.

“With this doctor in Mexico, he used to train me on how to do the treatment while I was there. It’s a way of empowering yourself – first you heal you, then you help others. They work with the scar tissue to break the blocks. So everything is flowing smoothly. So when I get home, I’m on my sister’s back It means I can help.”

Looking to the future, Clare hopes to remove her metal business so she can continue with her life without pain.

He said: “I love working, I need to do something. I want to be pain free so I can get back to work and have a functioning existence. That’s not it – it just exists, not living.”

You can donate to Clare’s fundraiser by: Click here.

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