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Cob, Angels Empty A 4-0 – CBS San Francisco


Oakland (AP) – Shaw Okhtani beat Alex Cob to win two consecutive starters this season for the first time in a row and the Los Angeles Angels beat Auckland Athletics 4-0 on Saturday.

Cob (3-2) conceded three wins and moved to Auckland for the first time since 2018 with Baltimore. Improved from 5th to 5-3.

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After losing the first two games in a row, Los Angeles dropped two games and snatched the three-game winning streak from Oakland. Six-plus innings in Aing with three shots, but Otani lost the basket on Friday night.

In the fifth, the angels continued on the ground of David Fletcher, with Franዬois Montas following one of the three wild fields, with the angels recording four unlearned races. Otani’s single made it 3-0.

In the sixth, Ken Wong chased after two doubles (5-5), allowed six wins, hit seven and went one.

Tony Kemp came in second on Matt Olson’s appearance in the fourth key game. Los Angeles played another double in the fifth.

The Angels are 22-8 when they score four or more runs. Below are the club’s bottom eight matches.

The impact of profit

Angels manager Joe Madon can’t wait for Star Trek fan Mike Trout to return to the field.

Trout is recovering from an injury to his right calf last week and is currently playing for the Angels’ home game, keeping his three-time AL MVP out for six to eight weeks.

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“He is a great leader of happiness. He is always online after we win, ”Madon said. “He attends meetings, he does everything right. Our goal is to stay in the hunt until somehow. Believe me, we spent a lot of time thinking about this team and here in Houston and how we expect the best teams to play.

Coaching class

Angels: C. Max Stasi (RC) and RPP Chris Rodriguez (Anger on their shoulders) each returned with Triple A Salt Lake on Friday. When he caught five innings, Stasi doubled and the RBI doubled to 3. Rodríguez started a fruitless game on foot.

Athletics: CF Ramon Loranan narrowly missed his second straight game with a narrow wrist. I say that he has made enough progress to get rid of him right now. Who knows, maybe another day, I’m not sure, ”said manager Bob Melvin. Literally everyday. How much it means to the team at the beginning of this season, we don’t want to go there and associate it with the situation, especially the speed with which he plays. We will be careful about it.


Angels LHP Jose Quintana (0-3, 7.92 ERA), a 13-game winner in both 2018 and 19 and looking for his first win in two seasons, was pushed back one day by Ohatani on Thursday after reaching a hamstring injury. Delay.

Los Angeles is not far from the next, starting with a two-game abduction series with Matinee on Monday in San Francisco.

The last HR in the series is 0-3 with LPP Col Irvin (3-6, 3.92), 0-3 with 5.44 ERAs in the last four starts – one of the biggest losses in the career.

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