College basketball’s biggest power transfers for 2021-22

College basketball has not seen a transfer season like this, with a massive balance of talent transfer across the country. And it provides a 2021-22 season that should be vastly different from those that were before.

Each of the projected top teams in the country should at least get a little boost from a transfer, and they are hardly alone. This year, landing an elite transfer class is the new elite recruiting class, and potentially an even bigger deal when it comes to which teams will still be standing in April.

So which transfers will have the biggest impact on their new home? We sat down to answer that question.

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One rule: immediately qualified transfers typically do not turn into stars or at least do not typically play up to their previous level. It should change some this year, just because the sample size will be so much larger, but to try to select the most efficient transfers, we limited them to one per. Team. The odds of a team producing two transfers among the top 20 in the country are just not that high, even for teams that are more transfer dependent than others.

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