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Colombia’s president sends army to protest


Bucaramanga, Colombia – Colombian President Ivan Duco on Friday announced the deployment of troops to the city of Cali, while at least three people were killed in increasingly violent protests and violence.

Duque reiterated that the protests, which have been going on for a month, had been infiltrated by illegal armed groups and promised to use “all intelligence capabilities” to demonstrate this.

The president spoke of Cali, a city in southwestern Colombia that has become the center of nationwide anti-government protests.

The deployment comes after Attorney General Francisco Barbosa said a gunman was killed by gunmen in the Sessaen institution.

“According to the information gathered so far, he shot several people, killing civilians … then he was eventually killed by those present at the scene,” Barbosa said in a statement.

Jose Miguel Vivanco, head of Human Rights Watch in the United States, called on Duque to ban the use of firearms by government officials, and said the organization showed certified footage of Cali showing gunmen in They shoot civilian clothes.

Juliette de Rivero, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Colombia, called for an end to the violence and cited “civilian shootings” in Cali.

One month after the largest protests in decades, protests erupted in other parts of Colombia on Friday. More than 40 people were killed and 2,200 civilians and police were injured.

The protests began when Duque proposed a massive tax increase, but continued even after his ouster, turning into a public outcry against growing poverty and inequality in a country where unemployment was higher than last year. It had doubled.

The government and the National Strike Committee have not been able to provide the conditions for the start of negotiations. The protesters are demanding that the government guarantee the right to social protest, while the Duque government will not back down from its demand for roadblocks, which has created widespread shortages.

“What we are seeing is an attempt to delay a government that does not understand the momentary complexity,” said Francisco Malts, president of the Central Trade Union, who blamed the Duque government for not signing the guarantee agreement and failing to respond to requests. ” For the start date of the talks

Sandra Borda, an analyst and protest expert, said that there is a crisis of representation both in the government, which has limited room for maneuver, and in the National Strike Committee, which does not represent all sectors.

“We are facing a scenario that I do not think will be resolved soon, because the only thing the government can control at any level of efficiency is the government forces, and so it is still trying to resolve the situation with a lot of pressure. The forces are too much. “More anger, more anger and more fuel are added to the fire of the protests.”

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