May 7, 2021


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Comparison between Price Harbor and Cody Bellinger: Who is the Best Player?

Both Price Harper and Cody Bellinger are considered baseball’s best players. Photo from MLB on Twitter.

They are both left-handed bats, both were in majors at a very young age, and they both have the best players in their mantles, so it’s only natural that we’d make Cody Bellinger against Bryce Harper Comparison.

They both have achieved a lot and are in between The best baseball players in baseballBut Harper and Bellinger still have long jobs. Let’s take a closer look at our Harper and Bellinger comparison to find out which player is better now and in the future.

Multiply the average

While Harper has a few more years at Bellinger, he also has a slightly better career hitting average, 0.27, compared to Bellinger’s. 273.

He’s also surpassed 0.300 twice during his career while Bellinger has only done so once in his short career. However, Harper has gone through periods when the strike rate has risen dramatically, especially later in his career. Meanwhile, Bellinger’s hit rate is more in tune with the player with his strength. However, this is close to the thrust between two hitters.

Hit for strength

Once again, Harper has a slight disadvantage as he has played more years, which gives him a greater chance of dropping his strength numbers.

However, there was absolutely no doubt that Harper could hit the ball away. He has actually accumulated three seasons with more than 30 home runs, including his career 42 times in 2015. During the full first eight seasons of his career, Harper has averaged over 27 home runs a year. Most of his strength numbers have come in recently, however, as Bellinger averaged 37 runs over the course of his first three seasons, helping to give him a career slowdown of 0.545 compared to 0.515 for Harper.


Complaints about Harper’s defense have been rare during his career. Has a cannon from levers in the right field that scares out base runners who attempt to capture an additional base.

However, he does not have a golden glove and has more than enough time to collect it. On the other hand, Bellinger gives flexibility to Dodgers by being able to play first base, right field, and even midfield.

What’s interesting is that Bellinger won the Gold Glove in 2019 for his efforts in the right field, beating Harper directly for the honor.

The untouched

When it comes to the intangibles, some think Harper might actually be losing points. It is no secret that he can be a little impulsive and temperamental.

To be fair, some people prefer to see this kind of fire and passion from baseball players. However, others prefer to see more poise in the players, especially the stars. With Bellinger, there are no such concerns. He is always calm, balanced and shows great leadership skills of a young player.

Harper v. Bellinger: the verdict

That’s a close call because Harper has been around for longer and has a few more all-star picks than Bellinger.

Both players also have the best rookie player of the year to scrap each other.

In the end, Bellinger’s defensive prowess and superior strength make him a better player than Harper. If there’s any doubt about it, keep in mind that Bellinger hit four home runs in 2020 after the season ended when the Dodgers won the World Championship while the Citizens won the 2019 World Championship the year after Harper left town.