Confused old man believes the economic system causing climate change will magically solve it

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A bewildered quintet with no experience of the world outside of the Sydney elite is under the impression that it is the same economic system that drives the overconsumption of fossil fuels and causes weather events every two weeks “once a hundred years”. will set the world on track.

The man, who profits from the industries that precipitated the climate crisis, told reporters that government intervention is not necessary to correct the market failures prevalent in these industries.

The plan is based on the expectation that businesses will put social welfare ahead of profits, that is, expect them to behave in a way that no business has ever done in the history of modern society.

The man assured reporters that although he didn’t want to lift a finger to mitigate the damage done by the climate crisis and was actually taking measures to deepen the crisis, the industry would be there to take credit for its achievements. find a miraculous solution.

by david ‘Berran’

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