Content Creator Tayler Holder Molds Into Country-Pop with “I Hope”

A famed content creator and now country-pop artist, Tayler Holder has been defining his character and creating his own sound. 

Recently, the singer-songwriter and content creator joined Reyna Roberts during CMA Fest and performed her hit single “Another Round.” Both Reyna and Holder have been friends for years, therefor this epic collaboration introducing Tayler into the scene was not unexpected. 

I’ve never been to Nashville, let alone playing in CMA Fest. I came out with my good friend, Reyna Roberts. We have that song together titled “Another Round” and I was so nervous,” tells Holder. “I’ve done some smaller shows and some live performances here and there but nothing to like this scale yet.”

Prior to the festival, Tayler released his new single “I Hope” written with his close friend Clinton Kane

I wrote it from someone that I was talking with and we weren’t dating but we were like practically dating,” tells Tayler. “The song is about that person not fully being over their ex or the person they’re talking to. It’s me saying I hope they can give you everything that I don’t.

Growing up outside of Dallas, Holder has always been an entertainer and has country roots in his blood. At the age of three, he began racing and competing in motocross, a passion that he still holds to this day. 

I’m definitely working on the country scene a lot more. I have a lot of friends that I’m working with collaborating with,” tells Tayler. “I’m working on some stuff with my good friend Parker McCollum as well. That’s awesome! So yeah, there’s really really got some cool stuff happening.

You can connect more with Tayler Holder on Instagram.

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