Copilot releases investment tracking feature with proprietary metric

– The personal finance app Copilot now gives users full insight into their investments

-New investment tracking function uses real-time market data to improve information from the user’s financial institution

– The interface allows users to compare returns on investment accounts, including robo-advisors, digital brokers and crypto

– Copilot’s user base launched in 2020 has increased by 40% in the last two months

NEW YORK, September 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As of today, personal finance app Copilot gives users full transparency in their investment accounts. Investments are no longer exclusive domains for asset managers, hedge funds and investment banks. Retail investor apps and robo-advisors β€” such as Robinhood, Wealthfront, and others β€” along with the explosive growth of crypto, have expanded personal financial space to services far beyond checking, savings, and credit accounts. But with increased access to investment tools, users are facing a fragmented banking and service landscape that makes it difficult for them to both see and understand their financial position.

“We want to provide the same insight that we currently offer about spending patterns and trends at several institutions,” he says. Andres Ugarte, Founder of Copilot. The app, which was launched in January 2020, has already proven that it has a real impact on people’s lives. “Last year, we saw that Copilot users reduced their monthly expenses by about 10% when they started using our service,” added Ugarte. “It’s huge. It’s money that can now go to paying off credit card debt or to saving and investing. It proves that, by providing a good service that people actually want to use, we are driving behavior change.” The company expects that the new investment function will have a similar effect.

Copilot’s new features collect data from accounts between financial institutions and services, giving users a bird’s eye view of their money and eliminating the need to track their finances across multiple apps and websites. Copilot’s investment features go beyond the account information available from service providers by utilizing real-time market data. “This makes everything come alive,” said Ugarte. “Our goal is to provide an experience that users will want to come back to. We try to keep track of the economy as engaging and satisfying as checking Instagram.”

To further achieve this, Copilot developed a proprietary measure to calculate return on investment for each of their affiliated accounts. This allows users to compare the different apps they use to see more clearly which strategies and services work for them and which do not. “Our mission is to understand our users’ financial data to help them navigate it,” said Ugarte. And this assignment resonates with customers. The company has increased its user base by 40% in the last two months alone. “They are looking for something better, and when they hear about us and try our service, they feel a great relief,” Ugarte added. “Keeping track of our finances can be really difficult and time consuming. We all need better tools to help us navigate this huge part of our lives.”

With this exciting new set of features, Copilot continues to fulfill its promise to build a personal finance app that understands that the way we bank today has changed.

About Copilot
Founded by a former Google engineer, Copilot is a personal finance app that allows people to understand and control how they spend, save and invest their money. Copilot’s core function combines monthly budgeting with powerful monitoring of transactions, expenses and investments – a new picture of how we should keep track of our money when it is distributed to several accounts and services.

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