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Longtime socialite and former campaigner Ann Douglas, who was married to Hollywood icon Kirk Douglas for five years before her death in 2020, died today at her home in Beverly Hills. He was 102.

Her son, Oscar winner Michael Douglas, said in a statement released on behalf of the family:

“My father never kept any secrets. Annie was just the opposite, “” That’s why when I read their co-authored book, Cork and Ann, In which he talks about his first life in Germany; Years of his war in occupied Paris; His career before I met my father; He also included their personal correspondence, which gave me new insights into their marriage and marriage. Ann was more than an honest mother and never ‘wicked’. He brought the best of us all, especially our father. The career that Dad would have had without the support and partnership of Ann could never have happened. I and the kids used to caress her. He will always be in our hearts.

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Veteran Douglas co-authored the 2017 book Kirk and Ann: Hollywood love letters, laughter and a lifetime. It makes the couple’s court and marriage lasting; Stories of their famous contemporaries such as Frank Sinatra, Gregory Peck, John Wayne, Bert Lancaster, Lauren Buckall and others; Numerous film sets and dinner party episodes; The couple traveled to more than 40 countries as goodwill ambassadors; Personal stories of several U.S. presidents and their relationships with first ladies, beginning with JFK and Jackie; And that includes a fatal helicopter crash, a traumatic stroke, and the death of their youngest son, Eric, in 2004.

Anne Douglas was an interested philanthropist, co-founder of Cedars-Sinai Research for Women’s Cancer. She and her husband led a massive campaign to rebuild playgrounds on the Los Angeles Unified School District campus, renovated more than 400, and always personally attended the dedication ceremony while it was open.

She funded the Ann Douglas Center for Women in the Los Angeles Mission Suburbs and contributed more than 8 118 million to a variety of causes, including the Douglas Foundation Motion Picture and Television Home’s Alzheimer’s and Dementia Unit, Sinai Temple’s Kirk and Ann Douglas. Childhood Center for Minority Students and the Cork Douglas Scholarship at St. Lawrence University.

Ann Douglas was also the main driver of the fundraising that the city bankrupted the construction of the Music Center in Los Angeles, and the Family Foundation built the Cork Douglas Theater of the Center Theater Group in Calvary City, just east of the lot of Sonar Pictures Studios.

Born 19 An1 on April 23 in Hanover, Germany, Anne Boydens also had a basic career for the birth of Denlas. Scalawag (1973) and Deep river (2009) and 2009 as co-EP of the documentary Cork Douglas: Before I forget.

Survived by son Peter; Children of Michael and Joel; Daughters-in-law Catherine and Lisa; Seven grandchildren; Two great-grandchildren, Lua Easy and Ryder; And one sister, Merrill Werk, lost her son Eric in 2004.

Instead of flowers, donations can be made in his memory Anne Douglas Center at the Los Angeles Mission.

The City News Service contributed to this report.


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