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Coronavirus latest: Millions urged to reduce travel as Pfizer tests vaccine for under 12s



millions of people in England Travel is now being asked to reduce to prevent the spread of delta variant, first identified in India.

On Tuesday, it was announced that parts of Greater Manchester and Lancashire would receive stricter guidance around testing capacity, military aid and non-essential travel. This puts them in line with eight other regions of England, including the London borough of Hounslow, which have already been told to meet outside rather than inside where possible, keeping 2m apart from those you are with. do not live and reduce travel outside affected areas

it comes as pfizer said on Tuesday it would start testing it Vaccination In a large group of children under the age of 12, a low dose of the shot was selected in the first phase of the trial. Study will enroll 4,500 children at more than 90 clinical sites United States of america, Finland, Poland and Spain, the company said.

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) UK After reviewing the safety, quality and effectiveness of the jab, the use of the jab has been authorized among the youth.

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The chief executive of NHS providers says vaccine has broken the link between infections, hospitalizations and deaths

NHS Providers chief executive Chris Hopson told Times Radio that vaccines appeared to have “broken” the link between infections, hospital admissions and deaths, and that hospitals were reporting fewer sick, younger patients than previously .

He added: “And if, and this is a big one, if Bolton has gone through his full cycle and if other regions follow Bolton, the hospital there was of the view that they were able to deal with the level of infection.

“It is important not to just focus on the raw numbers here… You also need to look at who is being admitted to the hospital and the medically weak and what level of acuity they have got.

“The CEO is constantly telling us that this is a much smaller population that is coming in, they are less clinically vulnerable, they have less need for critical care and so they are seeing what they believe. The mortality rate is quite low. You know, the data suggests. So it’s not just the number of people coming in, it’s really the level of harm and clinical risk.”

However, he added that those who are admitted but are alive may end up with Covid for a long time.


Special envoy on COVID-19 for WHO said life must go on as he was asked whether to proceed on June 21

Asked whether June 21 should reopen, the World Health Organization’s special envoy on COVID-19, Dr David Nabarro, said: “Life has to go on and the last thing any of us want is people Need to be banned. Their lives but this virus has not gone away.

“And in some ways it’s cryptic and just waiting to strike again.

“I want to suggest to everyone, please be really careful – by all means, governments should issue restrictions, but it’s really up to people everywhere to try to reduce the amount of contact with others.” Get organized for your life, and wear your face mask and just keep that protection going.”

He added: “It can’t be just about restrictions – it is essential for the future of humanity that we adapt our lifestyles so that we can stop this virus from spreading.

“We know that the virus is constantly changing, which means that although vaccination is a wonderfully wonderful asset, it will not be enough.

“We have to continue to behave as if the virus is an ever-present threat.

“So by all means, let go of the restrictions, but at the same time I can encourage everyone, everywhere to behave with caution.

“At school, at university, at pubs, at restaurants, at social clubs, the virus is still going to be around and it can come back very, very fast.”


Greater Manchester mayor urges residents to watch England matches in small groups

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has encouraged residents in parts of Lancashire and Greater Manchester to “minimize” the number of people watching England’s match against Croatia this weekend after a surge in coronavirus cases in the regions. reduce”.

He told BBC Breakfast: “If you look at this weekend with the weather looking good in Greater Manchester, which is great for all of football to come, we would say reduce the number of people with whom You watch the match. If possible, watch outside.”

He praised the government for “increasing support” in areas with high case numbers after Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced a “strong package of support” for Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

“We greatly appreciate the help of the government. This is the reverse of where we were last year,” he said. “Then we were banning us without support. It is an approach where restrictions are being managed at the national level through road maps. We are working closely with the government on this. It’s a sensible approach and we support it.”


Migration: Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick will not travel abroad this summer

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said he is likely to go on holiday in Britain this summer.

He told Sky News: “I think a lot of people are jumping to the conclusion that it is completely understandable that this is not a normal summer – the opportunities for international travel are going to be more limited, and so why. Dont enjoy this country.This summer has to offer?

“Maybe that’s the decision I’m going to make, many others will do the same.

“We want to provide people with the opportunity to go to those green-listed countries, but it’s very dependent on what’s happening there.

“We can’t control the vaccination rollout in those countries, we obviously can’t control the spread of the new forms, and we have to do everything we’re achieving here domestically.”


Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick asked whether it would be possible to lift the ban on June 21

Speaking on whether or not the final restrictions will be lifted on 21 June, Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said: “What we don’t want to do is throw away the gains that we have made as a country and we are in that race. There are virus and vaccine roll-outs.

“The argument would be – there will be a few extra weeks from us to double up more members of the public and vaccinate the others first. It hasn’t been decided yet, but a decision will have to be made by the prime minister in the coming days.”


Robert Jenrick said coronavirus cases are “clearly rising” and reviewing data to see if June 21 could be

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said coronavirus cases are “clearly rising” and Boris Johnson is reviewing a series of data to decide on further lifting restrictions on June 21.

He told Sky News: “The prime minister is reviewing the data, and more data is coming in, which is very important.

“We built this five-week period between the phases of the road map and it has really proved invaluable on this occasion, as it is a well balanced decision.

“We need to look at that data of cases, which are clearly increasing, but have links to hospitalizations and eventual deaths.

“So the prime minister is reviewing that before the decision point, which is going to be on June 14 – of course he will tell everyone what the final decision is.”


Industry body says ‘failing’ traffic light travel system needs to be scrapped

An industry body has warned that “failed and damaging” traffic light systems for international travel must be abandoned if Britain’s travel and tourism sector is to be saved from a complete collapse.

The London-based World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) said the government should dismantle the system that has created “speak” among consumers and businesses to save hundreds of thousands of jobs.

A risk-based system with red, amber and green ratings for countries around the world sets out the quarantine and coronavirus testing requirements people will face upon their return to the UK.

But Portugal was being moved from green to amber, which surprised many holidaymakers and left thousands of UK tourists on their way home before new quarantine rules came into force on Tuesday morning.

WTTC’s acting CEO Virginia Messina said: “Consumers, airlines and the broader travel sector were promised a watchlist and three weeks’ notice of any change from green to amber, not just four days.

“This has been incredibly disruptive and costly for both travel and tourism businesses and consumers. It just didn’t work. “


According to experts, more work needs to be done to evaluate the current COVID-19 tests

Leading statisticians have said that more work is needed to evaluate the current COVID-19 tests.

Experts from the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) said the current law does not require the tests to be evaluated in the setting where they will actually be used.

The RSS warned that for many of the experiments for which they are being applied, tests have come to market without proof of their accuracy.

It has called on the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to review its licensing process for certain diagnostic tests.

The statisticians claimed that the tests have not been assessed necessary for the various uses to which they are applied during the pandemic.

For example, one brand of commonly used lateral flow tests was tested among symptomatic patients in a laboratory setting.


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