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Coronavirus live story: Recent changes to Covid while Australian returnees from India arrested


Thousands of clubbers have landed at Liverpool port in Britain’s first lawsuit in more than a year

The deadline to put countries under new global travel lights has been missing by the government.

The Commons Coordinating Committee released a report last week that said the green, amber and red lists should be released on Saturday “soon”, but that did not happen.

However, Administration Department he stressed that the last day – which the government does not know – has not been missed and this will confirm the international movement “in early May”.

The ban on overseas travel is expected to be lifted for the people of England from 17 May as part of the process. corona virus restrictions, leaving vacationers eager to know which countries to go to without the need for isolation when they return.

In the meantime, like IndiaThe second destructive storm has become the first country to report more than 400,000 reports in a single day, amid a shortage of hospital beds and fresh air, Australia has announced that any returning returnees from Asia may be fined or detained, from May 3.


India receives 150,000 Sputnik vaccines

India receives 150,000 Sputnik-V vaccines from Russia, India’s foreign ministry spokesman said.

“Millions of Doses” of the vaccine, which will be sold in India by Dr Reddy’s Labs Ltd, will follow, says the spokesman.

Chiara Giordano1 May 2021 14:34


Scotland recorded Covid’s new death with 175 cases

Scotland has recorded new coronavirus deaths and 175 new cases in the last 24 hours, according to the latest reports.

That means that the number of people who die every day – who were first tested in the last 28 days – is 7,660.

The Scottish Government figures published today also show that the number of daily tests remains at 1.1 percent.

Chiara Giordano1 May 2021 14:24


Portugal advocates banning flights until mid-May

Portugal is increasing refugee bans that stop unwanted travel from countries with major coronavirus outbreaks, including Brazil and India, until 16 May.

Trips from countries where 500 cases or more than 100,000 people were reported in 14 years – including South Africa, France and the Netherlands, among others – could enter Portugal if they had a valid reason, such as employment or medical care, the government said. Must be isolated for 14 days.

Individuals from countries at risk of Covid 150 cases or more than 100,000 people, such as Spain and Germany, can also fly to Portugal for important reasons.

Chiara Giordano1 May 2021 14:06


WHO approves Moderna jab for emergency use

The World Health Organization has approved the Moderna coronavirus vaccine for emergency use.

The US-based Jab has received a vaccine from AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson in approval of the WHO’s emergency list, the UN medical agency says a similar approval for the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm and Sinovac is expected in the coming days and weeks.

Many countries that do not have their own drug testing and evaluation offices rely on the WHO list to decide whether to use the vaccine. The UN children’s agency Unicef ​​is also using the site to carry out emergency vaccines such as the epidemic.

Andy Gregory1 May 2021 13:50


Hungarian bans were imposed on holders of so-called immunity

Prohibitions in Coronavirus have been slightly reduced for Hungarians with state-protected cards – those with people known to be recovering from Covid-19 or receiving the first vaccination granted on Saturday.

People with plastic cards can enter restaurants, hotels, theaters, theaters, leisure centers, gymnasiums, reading areas, museums and other entertainment venues – with open borders until 11pm. and the time to get home from November now starting an hour later.

But the AP has said that although millions of Hungarians have been given the opportunity to return to normal lives, organizational difficulties have meant that most eligible people did not receive them within eight days of the first shooting as planned – with some people talking to the media waiting until five weeks later. and one after receiving the first vaccine.

Andy Gregory1 May 2021 13:37


Back up map: All you can do at the end of this month

It has now been almost three weeks since the closure ban was lifted in England and reports indicate that there has been no problem with disease rates.

Now, ministers and scientists are looking forward to the next phase of lawmaking, which is due to take place on May 17.

Colin Drury has a report on how the law should change:

Andy Gregory1 May 2021 13:24


Chinese tourists make 265 million vacation trips for Labor Day

Chinese tourists are expected to make 265 million trips in celebration of International Labor Day, according to government estimates.

Some 60 million vehicles are expected to hit the roads, with the railway group expecting 18.3 million commuters on the first day of a five-day national holiday – which begins on May 1 and is the first Chinese holiday for the New Year’s tour. of the Lunar in February banned millions.

“I feel like this is the first time that sanctions have been lifted after the epidemic,” Sun Dandan, an expert on land sales in Xinjiang and was visiting Beijing for the first time, told The Associated Press.

People’s interest in the trip is also encouraging, and the economy is thriving. ”

Andy Gregory1 May 2021 13:03


Government confirms that it did not miss the end of the ‘green list’

The Department of Transportation (DfT) says the government has not missed a deadline to distribute land under the new international travel license.

The Commons Coordinating Committee released a report last week that said the green, amber and red lists should be published on Saturday “soon”.

However the deadline is not yet known by the government, which hopes to confirm the world plan “in early May”.

A spokesman for DfT said: “The government has not missed the deadline – we have been saying that we will make sure by the beginning of May if international travel resumes on May 17 and the countries to be registered.

“These workers are striving to re-launch global travel in a safe and secure way, to allow family and friends to reunite, and to revitalize businesses, and to ensure that we protect public health.”

Chiara Giordano1 May 2021 12:40


Osaka Prefecture in Japan estimates that daily there are 1,262 cases of coronavirus

The western part of Japan in Osaka today confirmed that every day there are 1,262 new cases of coronavirus, as well as 41 deaths, the international journalist NHK said.

Osaka’s pre-existing Osaka infection rate was 1,260, it announced Wednesday, NHK said.

Tokyo’s capital has also seen an increase in the number of cases, with 1,050 new cases, according to the publisher, after reporting more than 1,000 cases on Thursday.

As conditions deteriorate, there is growing interest in the suspension of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, with the opening ceremony just 12 weeks away.

Chiara Giordano1 May 2021 12:25


TV show returns Covid vaccination campaign with 90% of over 45s receiving jabs

More than nine out of 10 people over 45 have received the Covid vaccine once, the NHS has confirmed, while celebrities rallied to encourage people to have a jab.

NHS England said 120,000 vaccinations were held before 9am on Friday when the vaccine is open to people aged 40 and 41.

Overall, two-thirds of adults in England have received their first dose, and more than a quarter have been fully vaccinated.

With that in mind, celebrities Sir Lenny Henry, Liz Hurley and David Walliams have joined TV actors Lydia West and Navin Chowdhry to urge people to get their vaccines.

The stars are trying to experiment when they hear false rumors about the Covid vaccine.

Chiara Giordano1 May 2021 12:05

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