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The state of Victoria in Australia Five new cases of locally acquired coronavirus have been reported, four of which are related to the food distribution driver as the government enters the second day of its fourth lock.

Updating the total number of cases brings with it the latest outbreak Melbourne Up to 35

In the 24 hours leading up to Saturday morning, 56,624 tests were set, surpassing yesterday’s record of 47,462 tests.

On Saturday, Covid State Experimental Commander جروین ویمار, Said four of the new cases involved a person who tested positive on Friday.

Victoria Health Minister Martin FoleyThe man was a food delivery driver who visited “several shops and grocery sites in the city of Melbourne” on May 18 and 19, he said.

There are now more than 150 contact sites and more than 15,000 primary and secondary contacts who should isolate themselves after a possible contact with a person with Covid-19.

Foley said the man “worked during his infection” but they “themselves had no signs of Covid symptoms”. He also thanked the food distribution company and customers for cooperating with the call tracker.

Weimar said four of the new cases announced on Saturday were the delivery call of the delivery driver, including a student at Mount Ridley College in Crigiburn.

He said the four had been in solitary confinement for just one day. The fifth case was separate and involved an employee of Stratton Finance who was infected at an in-house fair Michaelham.

Late Friday, Victoria Health announced new sites for Level 1 exposure – where people are most at risk for the virus.

A complete list of visible sites can be found Here.

Foley said what he called a “record hat-trick” because the state has conducted countless tests and vaccinations over the past three days.


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