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Coronavirus UK news live: England sees biggest Covid spike since April


Experts in Scotland are assessing whether the new Covid forms are having a greater impact on children after 10 children aged nine and under were hospitalized last week.

Deputy First Minister John Swain said not many children were hospitalized during the pandemic, but that the numbers in hospital are currently “on the high side”.

Health Secretary Hamza Yusuf revealed on Wednesday that 10 children aged zero to nine were hospitalized last week “due to Covid”.

Mr Swain, who is also the Covid Recovery Secretary, said experts will try to determine if there is something emerging among the new variants that is making it more challenging, with a greater impact on children’s health.

Meanwhile, it appears that the Indian coronavirus The variant is now dominant in a fifth (21 percent) of England’s regions.

The b.1.617.2 version – now called Delta – was dominant in 67 of the 315 local authorities where at least five cases were found for the two weeks ending May 22. sky News An analysis of the latest data from the Wellcome Sanger Institute.


Rail access sinks to pre 1872 levels amid pandemic

Passenger numbers on UK railways in 2020/21 fell to the lowest level in at least 150 years, new figures show.

The Office of the Regulatory for Rail and Road (ORR) said just 388 million trips were made in the 12 months to the end of March, as the coronavirus pandemic saw demand for travel collapse.

This is just 22% of the total of 1.739 billion during the previous year and the lowest annual figure on record for 1872.

The period between April and June 2020 saw the lowest demand for train travel, with only 35 million journeys made.

Following the easing of coronavirus restrictions, 133 million visits were made in the next three months and 139 million between October and December 2020.

But just 80 million trips could be made in the first three months of 2021 due to the imposition of another national lockdown.

chiara giordanoJune 3, 2021 12:25


Covid-19 immunity last nine months, reports suggest

Ireland’s Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) has said that people who have contracted COVID-19 should be considered immune from reinfection, extending it by nine months.

This extension in the presumed immunity period will increase the number of people under the age of 50 who only need a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to be fully immunized.

In its report published today, HIQA advises the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet) that studies show that most people develop an immune memory after infection that lasts at least nine months.

Salah followed a review of international evidence involving 19 large cohort studies of reinfection involving more than 640,000 already infected individuals.

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The rabbit hole of information on social media ‘makes users less inclined to get jabs’

According to a study, people who use social media to obtain information are less inclined to receive a coronavirus vaccine because of the “rabbit hole” of hesitation.

Researchers from the Universities of Oxford and Southampton said some users see content suggestions as “aligning with their fears”, creating an “echo room” effect, naming video-sharing website YouTube as a particular concern.

Recommendations appear based on a person’s viewing history.

The scientists made the link in December after surveying 1,476 adults and five focus groups as the vaccine rollout was underway.

They found that YouTube users were significantly less inclined to vaccinate, with a 45 percent chance of wanting a vaccine. Government mistrust has also been highlighted as a factor.

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Highest spike in weekly cases since April

According to the latest test and trace figures, a total of 17,162 people tested positive for Covid-19 in England at least once a week as of May 26, up 22 per cent from the previous week.

This is the highest number of people testing positive since the week 14 April.

chiara giordanoJune 3, 2021 11:13


Internationally agreed approach to vaccine certification ‘somehow off’, says Hancock

Matt Hancock has said the internationally agreed approach to coronavirus vaccine certification is “somehow far away”.

Speaking ahead of the G7 health ministers meeting, the health secretary told reporters: “After all there are many countries around the world that have said they will definitely need vaccinations in order to travel.

β€œWe are making sure any Brit here can see the status of their vaccine.

“But we are somehow far from having an internationally agreed approach to this.

“It’s something we talk about and are discussing but there’s still a lot of work to do.”

chiara giordanoJune 3, 2021 11:00


Matt Hancock says it’s too early to say whether all restrictions could end on June 21

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said it is “too early” to say whether all coronavirus restrictions could end on June 21.

Speaking ahead of the G7 health ministers meeting, he told reporters: “It is too early to say what the decision will be about phase four of the road map, which is not scheduled to take place before June 21.

“Of course I see those figures every day, we publish them every day, case numbers matter but what really matters is the number of people going to the hospital, the number of people who died tragically. translates into numbers.

β€œThe vaccine breaks that link – the question is how far the link is broken because most people who end up in hospital have not been fully vaccinated.

“It’s a good sign if you want because it means the vaccine is obviously saving people from ending up in the hospital, but it also shows that we need to keep going with this vaccine program.”

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Growing speculation Spanish and Greek islands could be added to the green list

There is speculation that the popular holiday islands may be added to the government’s travel green list today.

The Spanish and Greek islands plus Malta are among the destinations that experts believe can be given green status.

This would mean that people traveling to those places from the UK will no longer need to be quarantined upon their return.

Robert Boyle, former director of strategy at British Airways parent company IAG, predicted that several summer hotspots would be added to the Green Tier.

He wrote in a blog post: “It is still very likely that Spain and Greece will not make it to the green list, given their many islands, lower case rates than the mainland, and higher vaccinations.”

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Government ‘open minded’ about furlough extension, says Michael Gove

Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove has claimed that Boris Johnson’s government is “open-minded” about expanding the furlough scheme.

Follow our breaking news for more updates:

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School day extension still under review as part of catch-up plans, says minister

The government is not ruling out extending the school day to help children after the coronavirus pandemic, a minister has said, as they defended it as a “huge” investment in recovery plans in the wake of the resignation of a key adviser. did.

Tsar Sir Kevan Collins, who held schools, stepped down yesterday in a strong condemnation of the government’s Β£1.4bn education recovery fund, which he said is “far less than what is needed” to meet the scale of the challenge.

But Home Office Minister Victoria Atkins said she had not read her resignation statement and disputed that she is alleging that those in the north and disadvantaged regions hardest hit by the pandemic have failed with plans.

Sir Kevan said in his resignation statement that the package of support was “too narrow, too small and will be distributed very slowly”, despite that the Education Recovery Fund was “what we can and quickly deliver.” There was too much focus on”.

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WHO rejects ‘Nepal version’ report

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that it is not aware of a new Covid variant found in Nepal.

The agency said there were only three confirmed versions in circulation in Nepal – Alpha (b.1.1.7), Delta (b.1.617.2) and Kappa (b.1.617.1) – with Delta (also known as the Indian version) goes) ) is the most prominent.

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