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Corrie’s Capers Books helps feed starving children


Alison Page, a children’s author and Isle of Arran resident, published her first picture book, “The Vesti Fest,” three years ago.

it was Reviewed by Scottish Field at the time, in January 2019 and awarded 5* book reviews.

The review said: ‘A beautifully illustrated book with lots of information on things to see and do on the Isle of Arran, plus a piece of Gaelic.

Cory the West Highland Terrier, named after one of the villages in ‘Aren, wants to make his father and his country proud by competing in the Westie Fest Games, showing his wonderful home to fellow competitors around the world. A good read for kids with lots of colorful and engaging illustrations, but adults will enjoy too.’

There are now three books in Corey’s Capers series, each with a Scottish theme and based on the adventures of Alison’s wee Westie.

Corey Auld is the head of Ricky in The Tattooed Tory. It takes courageous, vital help from her father and Gran Flora to ensure that Cory can perform his special duty at Edinburgh Castle.

Cory’s Curling Capers covers the history of the islanders leaving Aran for a new life in Canada. Cory’s Canadian cousin makes visiting Glasgow a number of great visitor attractions. No story about curling would be complete without a mention of Elsa Craig and how much better to travel there than on a Waverly paddle steamer?

Alison Marys is the Isle of Arran Community Ambassador for Miles and all profits from her books are donated to this grassroots charity.

Alison said: ‘Every child has an education and enough to eat. school + food = hope/

‘It only costs 8p to provide food for an entire school year and £15.90 to feed a child.’

Mary’s Meal is currently reaching 1.8 million children in 19 of the poorest countries.

To date Corey’s capers have donated £10k.

Ankit Books are available to buy online www.westie.scot/shop/

Writer’s programs are also available online and in person.

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