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Cory Bush honors Ferguson activist for singing “pigs”


Republic Cory Bush, A Missouri Democrat, told of a deadly Palestinian-American activist known to police as “pigs” during a speech at home and praying for his death during the 2014 Ferguson protests.

Mrs. Bush Shows photo Basem MasriLinn Linn He was hailed as “Ferguson activist who was with us during the protest, following the death of police officer Michael Brown Jr., who died in November 2018 at the age of 31.”

“So today we remember Basem, ”She said in a statement on Thursday. We remember that he was confronted by a police invasion, like that of St. Louis and the Palestinian military. We lost our health crisis, but we remember what they said today. We will continue to fight for our rights in Palestine and Ferguson until all our children are safe. ”

Masri Brown, 18, was known for mocking and killing an officer in a clash with Officer Darren Wilson. Department of Justice.

Cornell Law School Professor William A. JacobsonThe legal protest website, which reported the protests, reported Masri Acquired “Famous for spreading phrases during the Ferguson riots:” Thoughts in a blanket, as beautiful as bacon debris. “

Masri “We are reporting on the Ferguson riots and how anti-Israel activists have tried to turn them into anti-Israel incidents,” he said. Jacobson On legal revolt.

News Network CNN, Fox 2 in St. Louis, USA [U.K.] Daily Mail and Daily Caller are also covered MasriMocking the police.

Video from Fox 2 Showed Masri told the officers, “I pray for your death and your death and your death and your death” and “Coward, straight pig here dog! You have to go. Your life is in danger, Homey. ”

Basem Masri He has previously made headlines for his protest, and was found guilty of plotting to assassinate a police officer on Saturday, according to the Daily Mail. Post Linn December 21, 2014

In an interview with Fox 2 in October 2014, Masri He said, “If the citizen is upset, they will not see the citizens, ‘Oh, he is bad, he is a terrorist,’ No, look at the police and be like this, ‘How crazy is this man? all of them? ‘

If someone calls her a “cowardly woman,” how will she respond? Masri He replied, “Hey, they work for me, I don’t work for them. I can say what I want for them. Regarding the “Prayer for Your Death” comment, Masri “It’s a feeling,” he said.

In her speech Bush He said: “I remember Basem He is putting his soul in line with us. ”

I remember walking around the world to see our struggle. I remember our company. And I remember the abuse, the exploitation, the cruelty of opposing us. ”

Mr. Jacobson He repliedCory Bush They spoke on the floor of the house not only bashing Israel, but also praising an activist who wanted death and injury to the police.

“They may not know who he is Bush She said she was grateful, but she certainly understood.

MasriHe said he was planning to run for state legislature after he was found unresponsive on a St. Louis post office and died. Reported.

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