Councilman says Brighton is the best ever

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A GREEN councilor said he was tired of “locals” belittling the city.

CEO of Big Lemon Bus and Brighton and Hove Councilor Tom Druitt says the city is “the best it’s ever been” and that we should all be grateful that we live here.

His comments came after the city center was stigmatized as a “battlefield” due to alcoholism, garbage, graffiti, and the drug trade open through the windows.

Cllr Druitt tweeted: “I’m sick of people talking Brighton down.

“I’ve only heard of it from the locals… Everyone who comes to visit loves it! And it’s easy to see why when you’re walking around.

“This is the best city around, those of us lucky enough to live here should be grateful.”

Last week, The Argus reported on how horrors the Old Steine ​​Gardens, home to several monuments, are. National its historical significance becomes a “no-go” after dark.

Only one of the ten lampposts in the area is operational, with graffiti painted on the walls and garbage heaps on street corners.

A crackdown was launched, with municipal officials writing letters to other officials to solve the problems in the region.

Cllr Druitt said: “The city is the best ever… there is something happening in every way and there is a lot of renewal.

“The seaside is beautiful and the east coast is really getting its mojo back.

“Yes there are problems, there are always problems. And yes, some get worse, some get better. We definitely have to keep working on the things that need attention.

“But we’ve also come a long way. New Hanningtons Lane is beautiful.

“There are more beachfront bars and restaurants on the beach than ever before, with beautiful outdoor seating and the reconstructed Shelter Hall.

“Today was very busy, everyone is having a good time.

“Walking west, all the arches are beautifully restored, full of quaint little shops, galleries, the West Pier Trust and Rampion visitor centers.

“A man who circles retirement, including those who play beach tennis and basketball.

“And people everywhere are having a great time. Bachelorette party quiet disco. My son is entertaining a group on the beach with his rowboat paddles. A few women are doing something on the sun loungers. And it’s an interesting looking religious ceremony going on in full swing by the water’s edge around the corner.

“The West Pier still hangs there, oddly enough it’s still incredibly stunning and quite beautiful… and the old props have been turned into public art.

“And then the Upside Down House, which appears to have been demolished, and the beautifully restored orchestra are ready for a wedding.

“Next to the Statue of Peace was a series of boule games in full swing. And they were getting ready for the Brighton Marathon in Hove Lawns.

“Next to Hove Lawns is the beautiful Brunswick Town waterfront, one of the architectural jewels in the city’s crown.

“We got off the beach and walked the lovely little streets at the east end of Hove, then took the bus to Churchill Square.

“Even Western Road looked beautiful today – hanging baskets make a real difference. And I love the retro dining cars in Churchill Square.

“And finally the epicenter of St. James’s St.. to gay Brighton, a bohemian color melting pot where everyone is welcome. The gateway to Kemptown is a town with the feel of a town within a city.

“I love it, I just love it. You should too.”

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