Home Entertainment Courtney Stodden engaged to Chris Sheng after three years of dating!

Courtney Stodden engaged to Chris Sheng after three years of dating!


A decade ago, Courtney Stodden was a child bride.

Now they are divorced, Recently came out as non-binary, and living your best life.

That best life just got so sweet.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, Kourtney announced her engagement!

On Sunday, May 30, Courtney Stodden took to Instagram to share the surprising news.

“I said yes…” he captioned along with a glimpse of his gorgeous ring (and himself).

Kourtney said, “Oh and the ring hugged me. It’s so beautiful.”

Courtney Stodden IG Engagement for Chris Sheng Announcement

Courtney began dating producer Chris Sheng, 41, in 2017.

At the time, she had separated from her ex-husband, Doug Hutchison.

Courtney filed for divorce in 2018. That divorce was finalized a year ago, in March 2020.

Chris Sheng took to his Instagram to share the good news.

“So it happened!” She gave the caption referring to the engagement after their May 28 proposal.

“How I had planned, but the moment was perfect,” Chris explained.

Chris Sheng IG Engagement for Courtney Stodden Announcement

“On Friday, May 28, I proposed to the love of my life,” announced Chris.

“And,” he continued, “he said yes.”

Chris expressed: “I feel so blessed and lucky.”

“We’ve both grown up a lot since we first met,” Chris said.

“And,” he continued, “the fact that we are both able to grow into better, stronger, more secure individuals while in a relationship together…”

Chris wrote that it “… gives me confidence that this partnership will last a lifetime.”

“For the first time we are both experiencing unconditional love,” Chris said.

He called it “the truest love”.

Chris then went on to elaborate on what this meant for him.

“The way we can’t always like each other,” Chris described unconditional love.

“But,” he confirmed, they “will always love and respect each other.”

“I promise to always be your rock, support and shoulder to lean on — no matter what,” Chris swore.

Chris ended his walk with the caption: “I got you. Illie.”

ILY definitely means “I love you”.

It is very sweet and heart touching.

opened to courtney is! News About an emotional offer.

“Chris got down on one knee while I was crying my eyes out!” He described.

“We returned home from a night in Palm Springs,” Courtney elaborated, setting the stage.

“And between the rosé and the heartfelt feelings,” Courtney shared, “all I needed was a good cry!”

They got emotional because “everything in the last few weeks has outlasted a lot of past trauma.”

Courtney confirmed that “it was really such a lovely moment.”

“He reminded me that I’m not alone,” Kourtney said.

“And,” he described, Chris “said, ‘I’m never going anywhere. I’ll always be here for you.'”

it is very cute!

Courtney confessed that she had “never made a picture of herself being remarried.”

“But,” he shared, “I knew in that moment it was right.”

Courtney said “and he really loves me.”

“He has been with me through some of the most difficult times of my life,” Courtney said.

“I said ‘yes’ and hugged her tightly,” he recalled.

Kourtney continued: “And then I said, ‘Let’s see the ring!!!’ My head was spinning!”

Courtney compares engagement ring to Daisy Buchanan the great Gatsby.

“It was blind!” He rioted. “I was so excited and overwhelmed.”

Kourtney admitted: “I myself took the ring out of the box and ran into the corner with it like a kid.”

“I know this time I want a big princess wedding,” Kourtney shared.

He explained that they’re looking forward to “doing something that makes me feel like it’s all worth it.”

“This time I don’t need parental consent,” Courtney said.

“This timing is real,” Courtney confirmed.

“I’m showing one hundred percent as an adult,” he said, “and making my own choices.”

“But the wedding—which will take some time (and a lot of help) to coordinate.”

“I’m just so overwhelmed!” Courtney accepted.

“And,” he added, they “can’t believe it’s all happening so fast.”

Congratulations to Courtney and Chris! Courtney deserves the world.

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