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Covid-19 conspiracy theorist Eve Black mocked QR code check-in system


COVID-19 Conspiracy theorist Eve Black has ridiculed the use of QR codes as a tool to track viruses.

Black, whose real name is Eugenia Limberio, went viral in July for filming himself driving Melbourne Police post in defiance of lockdown law.

The 28-year-old became a national disgrace after performing the stunt and uploading the video to Facebook, where she was heavily slammed.

Eve Black (pictured) caused national outrage after driving herself through a lockdown blockade in Melbourne in July

Black shows his contempt for the Melbourne magistrate who released the details of his alleged crimes. He was represented by a man with a parrot

He was dramatically arrested a few days later by police in Carlton, who were allegedly forced to break into the window of his car.

The Covid troubleshooter’s latest idea came shortly after Victorians were placed on their third lockdown in February.

By then, she had fled the state to live in Queensland, where she thankfully lives.

Talking Melbourne ‘alternative’ online news willmsfront On March 25, Black mocked those who felt the need to check in public places.

In Victoria, Daniel Andrews’ Labor government has been slammed for failing to implement QR code check-in, which is being largely blamed for the state’s fourth lockdown.

On Friday, the government finally introduced a single check-in system and ordered all public places to implement the system under threat of massive fines.

‘It doesn’t seem to be implemented very seriously,’ Black told Tim Wilms from QLD. ‘I certainly don’t take it too seriously. Whatever matters to you, you can understand it.’

Black laughed at concerned citizens who checked the places in the belief it would help limit the spread of the deadly virus to those in contact.

‘I mean some people really, like, I hear people say “oh, you know, should we check-in”. Like walking past places too, you know. Some people really stick to it,’ she said

‘I mean, whatever. If that helps you sleep at night. But the general attitude towards it I would say: “Ah, yes, whatever, do it”.

‘But then there are a lot of people who are like “ur”. It’s pointless and silly and many people actually avoid it altogether. Like they really try to go around it and make sure they’re not checking in.’

Eve Black, real name Eugenia Limberio, was once a popular stripper

Black is documenting her new religious journey online (pictured), revealing she is ‘living with nuns to get closer to God’

Black is expected to be seen again in Victoria next month – albeit via videolink – when she is due to appear in Melbourne court over her alleged COVID violations last year.

Following her arrest, Black was exposed as a topless waitress and stripper who performed at swingers parties in Melbourne.

Now the Covid Denier claims that he is on the path of religious enlightenment and has spent time with nuns to build his relationship with God.

Black appeared in a bizarre courtroom appearance the day before his interview with Wilms in which he was represented by a man named ‘Zev Secured Party Creditor’.

‘Zev’ appeared with a noisy parrot that screamed throughout the hearing in March.

Black now claims that Zev was merely taking care of the bird and credits his legal knowledge in the courtroom.

She addressed the controversy about that court appearance in a nearly hour-long interview with Wilms.

An angry Black at judicial registrar Alison Patton issued a notice of her alleged insult to Melbourne journalists.

Black offered an ‘up your’ salute to Ms Patton, who she is likely to reappear during her next hearing.

‘Of course they’re paid,’ Black told Wilmes, ‘They’re all on the same team, blah blah blah,’ the magistrate said.

Black claimed that ‘Zev’ had torn ‘new’ the magistrate during the hearing.

“She knew exactly what he was talking about,” she said.

Eve Black in her now infamous ride through Police Check Point in Victoria last year

Eve Black mocks QR code check-in during one-hour interview

Black is accused of failing to give his details to the police when they attacked him in Carlton.

Court documents show that police alleged that Black locked himself inside his car and refused to follow instructions when they found him in Carlton on July 29.

Officers claim that he filmed them on his mobile phone before being forced to enter the vehicle and arrest him.

After spending some time in the back of a divisional van he finally complied.

In August, it was revealed that Black was fully female and had in fact appeared in shoddy photos on stripper website Chase Strippers.

He was arrested after a search, where the police were allegedly forced to break the window of his car in order to arrest him.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews attacked Black at the time, declaring that the Covid restrictions were not about human rights.

‘It’s about human life’, he said.

Black’s takedown of Mr Andrew came at a time when coronavirus deniers were making life hell for police and shop workers who were trying to wear masks.

Black had in a Facebook video about making it through the Melbourne COVID-19 roadblock without telling authorities where she was going.

After that video went viral, she tried the same trick again in the inner-city suburb of Carlton, but with little success.

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