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COVID-19: Embracing should return from 17 May as Prime Minister is expected to announce the next phase of job cuts | UK News


Boris Johnson is ready to announce that the next phase of the lift will continue as scheduled on May 17, the prime minister has said.

Michael Gove told Sky News the Prime Minister will provide a green light tomorrow, pave the way for public gatherings and entertain guests to resume just one week.

Gove told Sophy Ridge on Sunday: “Thanks to the success of the UK vaccine and the awareness of the population in the UK we can be a little more relaxed.

“I hope the Prime Minister tomorrow will announce that we will be able to enter the rest of England on May 17 and as the travel secretary said yesterday which also means that some international travel regulations are changing.”

He later told the BBC’s Andrew Marr that the next step was to reduce the shutdown so that people could hug each other again.

He said: “Good communication, communication, between friends and relatives is something we want to see restored.”

Asked if the hug would be allowed again from May 17, he said: “Yes.”

According to the prime minister a road map to reduce closure, May 17 also marks the end of the international travel ban.

Lockdown should be reduced to 17 May

A motor vehicles who count countries based on the number of coronavirus cases and the progress of their vaccine operations will start working instead.

According to the law, green countries are cleansed of isolation as long as DISEASES OF COVID the test is taken before and after the trip.

Turkey, who are due to take part in the Champions League final in Istanbul on May 29, are on the red carpet – making it impossible for British football fans who want to see a clash between Manchester City and Chelsea.

Gove said there were “difficult” discussions going on in the matter Champions League final.

Asked if the match was to be played in the UK, not Turkey Mr Gove said: “My son is a Chelsea fan and he is very happy to see the game play in the UK.

“But there are unsettled discussions going on right now.

“My friend, my friend Social Writer Oliver Dowden, is talking to people about this right now and I don’t want to cut this off, but I’m sure UK fans would love the last one it played here in the UK.”

Motor Vehicle Secretary Grant Shapps said in the past the UK was ready to take part in the game, but insisted it was an election for the European football governing body.

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UK ‘wants to be’ last for UEFA

Separately, Nadhim Zahawi said the government is considering whether major events in the UK would require the use of passports called vaccines.

From 17 May major events and venues will be allowed to resume with a limited number of spectators.

The Vaccination Ministry, which has previously called the issue “racist”, told BBC Breakfast: “We are investigating through the various pilots we are working with, especially in the many meetings that may be the most difficult to open, say, the Wembley Stadium in the FA semifinal. Cup or final.

“If you want to go 100% of the seats at Wembley, you have to look at all the technologies you have and I think it’s best for every government to look into this.

“Michael Gove also sheds light on how we can do this – there are some very important questions that people should clearly address, including the complexities of racism and we cannot be racist in this way.”

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