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COVID-19. Even after five months of having Kirk Herbstreit without taste or smell


Five months after Kirk Herbstreit’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis, he is still feeling the effects of the virus.

The ESPN college football analyst and former Ohio State quarterback tweeted Tuesday that he is still without his senses of taste and smell.

Herbstreet announced in December That he had tested positive for the coronavirus, and that he would call the college football playoffs from his home. In his tweet on Tuesday, he said that he has not tasted food since the end of December.

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according to a MIT medical reportSome studies have shown that smell and taste return within the first 28 days after a COVID-19 diagnosis, while others have shown the longer period required to regain those senses. a study, from the Journal of Internal Medicine, cited in the MIT report, found that some patients had no sense of smell and taste during the six-month period.

a BBC News report Said that some researchers are recommending people who haven’t fixed their taste or smell to take odor training to fix their senses.

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