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COVID-19: UK records 3,398 cases of coronavirus and seven deaths | UK News


The UK has also recorded 3,398 cases of coronavirus and seven other cases, the latest government figures show.

It comes after 4,182 cases were reported Friday – rising daily from April 1 – in which 10 people died within 28 days of hospitalization. DISEASES OF COVID the test was also reported.

So far, the latest figures show that 39,068,346 people have received the first coronavirus vaccine and 24,892,416 people have received two strains.

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The professor is ‘concerned’ about the growing COVID lawsuit

Yesterday, the first number of stands was 38,871,200 and the second stood 24,478,052.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock also tweeted the vaccine, stating that 74.2% of adults received one vaccine on COVID-19, while 47.3% of adults received two vaccines.

He further thanked those who were working “incredibly hard at delivering the vaccine,” adding: “When you receive a call, take a jab.”

It is hoped that the release could be boosted in the coming weeks, after the MHRA is completed admitted a single shot to Johnson & Johnson for use in the UK, in addition to a growing history of vaccination.

However, the latest figures come amid fears COVID disease can “grow dramatically” I urge the government not to repeat the mistake of late in tackling the spread of the virus.

Sir Tim Gowers – whose anti-pet policies helped a first suspension in England last year – told Sky News that a recent increase in corona virus cases “concern me”.

“It seems to be getting bigger and bigger every day – in a way, it’s getting bigger,” he said.

“We are still low but, on the other hand, we know there is a problem.

“Even if we did more and more, this growth would continue for a while until the same thing started.”

The government has been very cautious in delaying due to the lifting of the ban on June 21, after discovering the differences that were first discovered in India.

However, the Prime Minister has said this week that he has not seen anything in the details that could make him change.

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