May 9, 2021


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COVID-19: UK says seven more people have died while about 15 million now have vaccinated jabs | UK News

The UK also reported seven other coronavirus-related deaths and nearly 15 million people have been vaccinated, according to government sources.

This compares with Killing 15 people and 2,381 new diseases Friday, and 32 deaths and 2,061 cases Last Saturday.

Another 130,186 people received their first dose of corona virus Vaccination on Friday, taking 34,346,273.

And more than 400,000 people had a second jab, meaning that 14,940,984 now have a complete vaccination.

Accordingly, the Department of Transport released the document after missing the deadline to specify in detail where the countries will be placed on the forthcoming nuclear power plant.

The Transport Select Committee said the government should publish a list of countries by May 1 soon.

In a statement, the DfT spokesman said: “The government has not missed a deadline – we have been saying that we will confirm in early May if international travel can resume on May 17 and the countries to which it will be registered.

“This highlights the importance of the traveler’s journey.

“These workers are striving to re-launch global travel in a safe and secure way, to allow family and friends to be reunited, and to resume business, and to ensure that we protect public health.”

And following a COVID-19 DISEASES pilot event to a nightclub in Liverpool, Secretary of Culture Oliver Dowden has stated that some of the proposed trials will continue.

He said “important research” will be collected “as we do not leave a stone unturned to help us get back to our favorite things in the summer”.