May 7, 2021


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Covid dies compared to those who died from the flu last month

Even a month later on February 19 The daily deaths from Covid-19 started at 407, more than four times the five-year death toll of the flu and 107 pneumonia at the same time.

Most of the ONS also shows how the spread of Covid-19 has been restored to the heel, with pathologists saying the coronavirus has moved to a stable level.

Last week Sarah Walker, professor of statistics and epidemics at the University of Oxford and senior researcher at the ONS’s Covid-19 Infection Survey, told the Telegraph that Britain had “moved from epidemics to another place”, as the virus spreads at low, controllable levels.

Similarly, science advisers in the UK have already warned that the UK is not going to happen eradicate Covid-19 completely even with vaccination, the disease is rather similar to the common cold.

Sir Patrick Vallance, Chief Government Scientific Adviser, told parliamentarians in October: “Obviously, the better governance and vaccination, the lower the risk of infection and the risk of disease, and this looks like an annual flu outbreak. anything, and can be the guide we can go.

“Even if we have a vaccine, this is something we need to monitor.”