Covid-hit Donaghadee FC hit in Junior Shield decision

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Donaghadee FC, hit by Covid, criticized football officials after a request was turned down at home to delay the Junior Shield tie to Harryville Homers.

The Amateur League men have been told that the fixture must be fulfilled despite being ravaged by the virus, five players dropped during the week and two more players await results at the time of broadcast.

A spokesperson for Donaghadee FC said: “There is a middle ground to be found in all these matters. Our club has strongly urged that football continue and not be permanently derailed during Covid.

“Therefore, we have no objection to the continuation of football during the pandemic and the pandemic’s need for fixtures etc.

“However, when a club could present evidence of seven unhealthy players from a 14-man roster (all waiving their right to privacy to share their test results with football) it seems like a completely absurd proposition to us. Officials) – five with positive Covid tests and two waiting for official results – which are not so good – the definitive choice provided is to play the game somehow or simply get kicked out of the prestigious competition.

“In a nutshell, we will not accept being kicked out and so we will play the game with the remaining players that we can park with.”

County Antrim FA, organizers of the Junior Shield, have been contacted for comment.


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