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Covid Indian variety: Cases rising to 400 in London


It is believed that they are mainly homegroups connected by people who have come from India.

Of the 400 “proven or probable” cases of B.1.617.2 Indian Changes to virus, 106 were “previous cases”, according to statistics until May 12.

The Public Health England technical summary states: “While the number of cases is still very low, the number of cases with VOC21APR-02 (B.1.617.2) has increased, under the control of genomic and S gene.

“This is very common in London and the North West.”

There is no evidence that there is currently a widespread spread of these Indian nationalities in the area.

However, PHE says there are “small scattered clusters” in London and it is working with local councils, which have already worked to run several species.

London had the most convincing or probable cases of B.1.617.2, followed by the North West at 319, and 98 in the South East.

These Indians believe they are spreading faster than the Kent revolution which makes it the second largest crime in Britain.

Scientists still do not know how the vaccine will help us, but, so far, they have prevented infections caused by other coronaviruses.

Officials are considering a number of solutions to some of the Covid-19 waves fueled by Indian climate change this summer that has resulted in thousands of deaths and deaths.

The number of cases has risen from 520 to 1,313 this week in the UK, according to PHE, which says the disease is “growing in the region” in some areas and is monitoring its severity.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed that this was being carefully monitored and that the Government “would not hesitate to take action if necessary.”

The escalation of various Indian cases has also sparked speculation that ministers could go back on a Government road to address the crisis.

Boris Johnson did not rule out the closure being necessary to stop the spread of the virus.

Dr Susan Hopkins, director of Covid-19 at PHE, said: “We need to work together to ensure that these differences do not affect what we have all done to improve Covid-19 and the greater freedom it brings.”


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