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Areas of southern Asia have been hit hard by the epidemic

A new study of more than 17 million adults in England found that people in South Asian communities experienced the worst case of COVID during the second phase of the epidemic.

According to the newspaper, which was published in The Lancet, the regions suffered from infectious diseases, serious illnesses and second deaths compared to several smaller species.

Many groups have seen a gap between hospital admissions and deaths between the first and second waves, but it has widened those with a South Asian history.

Dr Rohini Mathur, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: “Although the changes that have been observed in subgroups of the second type compared to the first, it is disturbing to note that diversity has increased in South Asian groups.

“This underscores the urgent need for self-defense measures that are in line with the needs of the UK.”

Health factors including weight gain, high blood pressure and stress – as well as other factors such as home weight gain – can be the main reasons for this difference, scientists say.

The researchers analyzed data from 17,288,532 people on the OpenSAFELY anonymous list.

The races grouped themselves into five major groups: white, South Asian, black, others, and mixed.

Scientists want more to do with the prevalence of weaker vaccines in small groups.


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