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Craig Smith returns to practice


The extra day between Monday’s Game 2 in Boston and Thursday’s Game 3 on Long Island has been a rewarding day for the Bruins.

Craig Smith, who missed Game 2 due to a lower body injury, tested about 45 minutes before practice and then returned with the team for the entire season, taking his regular spot in the second row. David Krejcik and Taylor Hall As well as his role on the second power-play unit. while the coach Bruce Cassidy While the talk of Smith being announced for Game 3 didn’t go that far, things looked promising.

“He looks so much better,” Cassidy said. “It’s a good development for us. We weren’t sure to be honest with you. But he made it through the whole exercise, a little bit of work early, so it’s positive. Obviously, (Thursday) morning, see Whether there’s a residual effect. If not, I think he’ll be in the lineup.”

goalkeeper tukka ruski, who showed some discomfort in his right side after failing, then produced a fair amount of teeth grinding Matt Barzali Breakaway in Game 2, returned to practice on Wednesday and was named the starter for Game 3. In last week’s WEEI interview, both Rask himself, and Cassidy admitted on Tuesday that the goalkeeper was battling serious injuries. On Wednesday, Cassidy downplayed the importance of those injuries.

“He’s fine,” Cassidy said. “Tukka is ready to go to every playoff game. No issue there. The other day someone asked me and like a lot of people, there’s some stuff and I said something. But he’s ready to go, full practice. And he will be in the nets (Thursday) night.”

Assuming Smith is able to make a comeback, that would mean that someone from the Game 2 lineup would have to come out. Cassidy said it would not Jake DeBrusk The one who was scratched, even though it appears it may have been because he was the man without the line in Wednesday’s practice. However, the coach did not specify who would be the odd man out.

Carson Cullman be with charlie cuckoo and Nick Richie is use. Although Kuhlman played well enough, taking an assist in Coyle’s game-opening goal, he would be the best guess to sit here. another possibility would be Chris Wagner, who scored a team-following 9:53 in Game 2, though his fourth line curtis lazzari and Sean Kurley He has played very well in the defensive role. we will see.

Cassidy also said that he was sticking with Jeremy Lauzon. The young defenseman has been on the ice for seven goals against him in three playoff games (and four in favor) and his poor cross-ice pass attempt got away with the game-winning goal. Casey Cizikas In game 2.

An impressive play like this can leave a mark on a young player’s psyche, but Cassidy believes he will be able to bounce back mentally from that play, although there are some areas where Cassidy can beat Lausanne. want to see improvement.

“He’s a confident kid. If you look at him, he tries to play to the most of his level of experience. So I’m not worried about that part of it,” Cassidy said. “I think the message to Jeremy for the most part is, listen, we’re moving on to Game 3, Game 2 over. And stay true to your identity, and it’s in simple terms that you have to get out of our trap. You have to do your best to get out. It’s your first job, you’re good at it, so you come into the lineup. Obviously it’s tough to play against you, ready to block shots. … Be tough and keep the puck out of your net. It starts with good defense, starting with a good stick, which we addressed with him the other night. We thought his stick could have been in a better position , especially on (penalty kills). Offensively, we have a few things we like to run in the O-zone. The second night (on the breakaway goal) didn’t work the second night. We addressed it. But it’s still there. He’s also going to have plays in front of him. And he’s going to be like everyone else on our team, he’s going to make some good ones, and others that could be better. We keep encouraging him as we work with him. Will do He’s a good kid, he’ll be there (Thursday) night and hopefully he’ll help us win.

is the owner of dbrusk

DeBrusk was fined $5,000 for his crosscheck behind Scott MayfieldOn Tuesday Mukhiya and on Wednesday he released a very simple dry fruit.

“It was warranted. Obviously, my stick was in a dangerous position in the front,” said DeBrusk. “I realized it because the play was going on, obviously he went down hard. He was able to come back, not necessarily hurt, so it’s one of those things where it’s the heat of the fight, you’re in front of the net, I just lost where my stick was. Fine, it’s a warning. It’s my first concern with the safety of players, so I understand that’s clearly not okay, and it won’t happen again.”

B is expecting a rocking coliseum

Games 1 and 2 were the first time the Bruins had held a full house cheer for them since March 7, 2020. Now they will get the flip side of it when they play in front of a raucous Nassau Coliseum crowd on Thursday and Saturday.

“I think it’s high. I love old buildings. I think things are progressing, you build new stuff with more amenities, better facilities, revenue-generating and all of that. Also fond of those old buildings, looking at all the sweaters hanging from those Islanders teams. I’ve seen them play growing up,” Cassidy said. “I think it will be loud. It should be. This is the playoffs. This is how it should be. The Garden was shaking that day and I’m sure the Coliseum must be shaking. You as a player too Can use that to your advantage. It goes to you. So that’s what I suspect. It looked like the same thing was happening to Pittsburgh in Game 6 and I’ve heard they’ve opened up to some more fans. So it will be even faster.”


Another good sign for B was that Kevan Miller had skated before practicing with the coach. Kim Braunwald. He won’t be ready for Game 3, but it’s an important step in recovering from the injury he suffered in Game 4 of the Washington series.

With all, jacob zaborillo Skated with the main group for the first time after suffering an upper body injury in the previous regular season game. That may be an option down the road.

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