Cricket news 2021: Brazilian women beat Canada, Laura Cardoso

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The Brazilian women’s team accomplished the impossible task by taking five goals in the final to achieve an unforgettable win.

The Brazilian women’s national team scored a miraculous one-run win over Canada in the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Americas Regional Qualifiers, taking five wickets in five consecutive deliveries to steal the victory from the lashes of defeat.

After winning the toss and choosing to take the field at Mexico’s Reforma Athletic Club on Monday, Canada limited the Brazilians to just 48/7 out of 17 in the rain-affected competition.

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The Canadians, however, did not find it much easier to hit in response and crawled to 46/5 with six balls left.

Regardless, Canada needed just three runs from the final and had five wickets on hand, a scenario in which the batting side would win 99 percent of the time.

Brazilian teenager Laura Cardoso was tasked with bowling the final, and the 16-year-old sailor started off with a point ball.

For the second delivery, Canada’s Krima Kapadia sold out after attempting a quick single, giving the Brazilians a glimmer of hope.

Cardoso then rocked the Canadian camp by claiming a hat-trick on his next three deliveries, becoming the first Brazilian to achieve this feat in international T20s.

Hala Azmat took out Hiba Shamshad and Sana Zafar in successive deliveries and sent them back to the mansion for a golden duck.

Suddenly, the equation was three runs for the final ball when Canada’s top scorer, Mukhwinder Gill, struck.

Gill managed to find the gap and desperately searched through the wickets for a stuntman.

But the 33-year-old was exhausted trying to reach the second round, which meant Brazil had a miraculous one-round win.

According to cricket statistician Kausthub Gudipati, Brazil became the first team in international cricket to score five goals in five balls.

Brazil coach Liam Cook tweeted: “I couldn’t be more proud of this group of players. They gave their all in this tournament. They’ve been rewarded for their hard work over the last 18 months… This is just the beginning!”

Brazil captain Roberta Moretti Avery commented, “Could I say I was waiting for WWW to end today to defend 2 to beat Canada? No, I wasn’t. But what a feeling!”

The USA women’s national team tops the ladder with five wins in the Americas Qualifiers and will then move up to the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Global Qualifiers in 2022.


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